About Me

My name is Tina Fariss Barbour. I have been living with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) since I was a child. I was officially diagnosed with OCD and depression when I was in my 20s.
I live in a small town in Virginia with my husband and cat. I have degrees in English, and I work as a reporter for a weekly newspaper. I am a freelance editor. And I am also working on a memoir.
Some of my OCD issues have to do with checking and scrupulosity. I obsess about things I may or may not have done that could cause harm to others. I try to assuage my anxiety with compulsive actions and avoidance.

My OCD is not nearly as bad now as when I was younger, but it still affects my life. I have been on a variety of medications and still take medications for my OCD and depression.
But I learned that medications can’t do everything, so I participated in therapy to help myself.

I am not an expert on OCD, depression, or anxiety. I just know what it’s like to suffer from them. I urge you to seek the help of medical professionals if you suffer symptoms of these conditions.
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I ask that you not use insulting or vulgar language.
I hope you enjoy the blog and will share your insights.