Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn colors and other randoms: Random 5 Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week and are looking forward to a great weekend!
I’m joining in with Random 5 Friday with Nancy of A Rural Journal. Follow the link to Nancy’s blog to find other bloggers sharing their randoms!

The leaves don’t seem to want to change color this fall. We still have a lot of green left on the trees, and a lot of the leaves that have fallen are brown. Here are some photos I took last Sunday around the house.

I saw my orthopedic doctor this week, and he turned me loose. He said the break in my foot was 100 percent healed in some areas. It’s still not healed completely at the edge, but it will heal, he said.
I can wear any shoe I want now as long as it doesn’t hurt. And my activities aren’t limited in any way. Just watch for pain, he said.
I asked him how to avoid breaking it again, and he said to avoid turning my foot on the side and falling.
Well, yeah.
We laughed about it, and I clarified by asking how could I avoid another stress fracture, because this break probably started as a stress fracture.
He said weight was the big issue there.
I’m working on it.

Larry, Chase Bird and I have been adjusting to Chase’s new freedom to roam the house at will. The boy can leap small buildings, I’m pretty sure. We’ve had to get him down from places that he’s not supposed to be, but usually all we have to say is his name, and he gets down.
He also appears and disappears quickly. Sometimes the only way we find him is to shake the treat bag, which usually brings him running.
On Thursday, I was off work and Larry and I went out to lunch. I went to the car first. When Larry came out, he said he couldn’t find Chase but figured he was under one of the chairs in the living room, where he likes to sleep.
When we got home, we heard a faint meow. Poor Chase Bird had gotten shut into the coat closet when Larry reached in to get his jacket. We apologized profusely.

Chase Bird doesn't have e time for photos. He's too busy.

I usually go to bed at night before Larry. Nearly every night, Chase comes and sits on the foot of the bed when I lie down. He stays there most of the night, getting up when I get up in the morning. Larry says he’s guarding me. I think it’s very sweet.

Two months from today is Christmas. Where did this year go? I’ve already seen some Christmas decorations in a little shop in town. I’m not quite ready to start thinking about all the decorating, shopping and general stress I seem to create around the holidays.
I’m thinking of creating a holiday season bucket list like Debbie at It’s All About Purple did for autumn. It looks like she’s having a lot of fun working on that list!


  1. Hi Tina, I did smile at your orthopedic doctor entry. :) It is good to know how to avoid it from happening again, though, and it is nice that you can wear any shoes you want as long as your feet don't hurt. Not sure if you wear heels, but I never do, as I feel more comfortable and safer in flat shoes. Your photos are lovely. The leaves here in Montreal have not all changed colour either yet, but I am seeing a few here and there fallen...even though they are still green! Great post, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. You need a few cold nights to get those trees changing! I love fall and would be disappointed if the trees didn't change.

    I used to have a cat that would go to on top of the kitchen cabinets and go way back towards the wall and hide. The first time he did it I thought he must have got out which he was not allowed to do.

  3. Good that your foot is set free!

  4. Glad your foot has healed- those breaks can take time.

  5. At present you need care. If you want to enjoy, you would get well soon.

    Mangosteen Juice

  6. Hello Tina oh the leaves are all gone here high winds they litter the ground in multicolours. YEAH for your foot Yeah.
    Chase sounds like the sweetiest thing.
    Purple Debbie is amazing and she loves Christmas. Hug B

  7. Poor Chase Bird lol. I have done this with Ruby a couple of times accidentally. She stays mad for a day or two when it happens. And the leaves have not been changing as quickly here wither Tina. I wonder what's up with that?

  8. Chase Bird sounds like he's enjoying himself!
    The leaves have been really slow to change this year.

    That's great news about your foot!

  9. a guard cat ... that is new for me. love the fall leaves. wow, you have some great shots & views. ( :

  10. The idea of a guard cat is just too funny. Hard to believe only two months till Christmas. This year has gone too fast.

  11. You're lucky to have a friendly orthopedic at your side, Tina. Treating foot injuries is too hard and annoying. I know you're trying so hard to avoid getting injured again, and I hope you succeed. Hehe! Just follow your doctor's advice. :)

    Rosalie Weidner @

  12. chase bird is getting another kittenhood. :) so cute. hooray for the foot healing!

  13. good news about your foot. chase bird sounds like a wonderful kitty. time sure flies, doesn't it?! everything is still green here .. a few fallen leaves, but not many -- i enjoyed your fall color.

  14. I sure identify with #5...feel like I have to get through Thanksgiving first. I am hoping this year that my son-in-law gets off for would be so nice to have it here at home.

  15. Christmas sure does come around fast. I've even seen commercials. Bah Humbug!

  16. Congratulations on your foot freedom!!! (weight? oooh, i hear that . . . we are "workin on it" buddies.)
    The cat picture is fun . . .
    I sure enjoy your blog - thank you for puttin' in the time!

  17. our colors seem late here also!!

    your images are so beautiful anyway, i love that you are sharing more pictures!!

    and....YaY for that healing foot!!

  18. I wondered if the leaves not turning was a problem just for my area but perhaps it's a Virginia thing!

  19. Good news on the foot! Not so good on the leaves. Chase is a sweetie. That is clear.

  20. Oh my gosh Tina, two months? That's a shock! I still can't get over it. I think CB is sweet for sleeping with you. I have Milo sleep with me but he likes to sleep sideways between my legs even though he has the run of the full king size bed. He starts off innocently cuddling up and before I know it he's doing his longest cat int eh world lying across the bed impression! And he seems to be made of putty when he sleeps and just slinks back into place if I try to budge him off.

  21. Our foliage was ok this year, but I've seen better.

    I love how Chase is guarding you. So sweet. It's amazing the connection we can have with animals.

  22. Hello, Tina -- thanks for coming to Marmelade Gypsy and being a follower! I'm so glad you did. Your blog is lovely and I really love your list! Your sweet cat Chase Bird is a treasure. And two months? Really? Oh, dear -- I have a lot to do...

  23. Chase Bird sounds like he's excited with all the new areas to explore! And how sweet that he's guarding you while you sleep :)

  24. Yep, noticed the Christmas decor in Macy's this past week...made me want to SCREAM! Can't we enjoy living in the moment anymore? We are always being pushed if time doesn't pass too quickly on it's own, I don't need any help in that department!

  25. Our Christmas's seem to get less and less about gifts, decorating, etc..., every year. Gift cards has become the way to go with only adults in the family right now. Enjoyed your randoms Tina -- thank you!

  26. Congrats on your new level of freedom! Yay!

    Christmas already? Yikes!

  27. I refuse to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. :) I'm glad your foot has healed and I'm sure you'll be careful to not let it happen again. Oh that Chase Bird, he is a silly guy, isn't he? I bet he'll avoid closets from now on and I think it's sweet that he wants to guard you. :) Aren't cats the greatest? Have a great week Tina.

  28. Fall here has been very pretty, I liked the maroon leaf shot here, such a deep and rich color.
    Oh your poor kitty. I locked our kitty in my craft/computer room for several hours on Saturday by accident. Thankfully she didn't do any "naught" things while locked up.
    Congrats on your foot getting the "good to go" okay from your doctor.


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