Monday, February 3, 2014

My collection

I recently cleaned out my basket of bookmarks and sifted through them, remembering where they came from, remembering some that I had forgotten I had.
I don’t collect many different things. I suppose it’s no surprise that the thing that I collect most is closely connected to one of my favorite activities: reading.
I’ve been collecting bookmarks for most of my adult life. I don’t know when I started or when I decided that I was formally collecting them.
But I’ve ended up with over 40 bookmarks.
I probably collected most of them in the 1980s and 1990s. Some I bought myself. The rest were gifts from thoughtful friends.
I find that I have a few that I use more than others. Some I’m afraid of bending too much. Some I’m afraid of losing. But I think all of them have been used at some time.
Note: These photos are not very good. I had a hard time with the lighting and focus. But you'll get the idea.

My pile of bookmarks.

Being a cat person, I have a number of cat themed bookmarks.

The kitty third from the left looks so much like our Sam.

I bought this one at a wine festival I attended a couple of years ago. I love how her tail makes part of the clip.

I bought this one on a trip to Tennessee.

A former co-worker gave this to me when I left the health department over six years ago.

A good friend from grad school sent me this bookmark years ago. It’s one of my favorites.

Reading may not make me look beautiful, but it makes life beautiful.

The Cat Woman and Book Woman bookmarks below describe me perfectly, don’t you think?

Yes, I am a Cat Woman.
Yes, I am a Book Woman.

I have bought some bookmarks because I just thought they were pretty.

I love the light through the blue and green glass.

Some of my bookmarks have messages on them.

A friend gave this to me one Easter.
I like this advice.

Some bookmarks are just fun.

Curious George! 

I keep my bookmarks in a basket on top of the bookcase in the den.

I bought some blank bookmark cards. I’m going to try to make some of my own.

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect?


  1. I love your bookmarks, Tina! Being a cat person myself I especially love the cat ones. I love the way you have them displayed in the basket, too.
    I used to collect magnets but my collection got out of hand so I didn't end up keeping them.

  2. What a fun collection -- I tend to use scraps of paper for bookmarks. Not very interesting. Will look forward to seeing your bookmark creations Tina. :)

  3. I love bookmarks, too - but have never collected them. I suspect if I were to walk around the house gathering them up, I'd find a few. I use my kindle a lot, so don't always need them. I love your collection - the kitty one with "got mice?" made me laugh :-)

  4. Oh Oh I LOVE your collection Tina.... cats and beautiful words what more could you want:) ? Hug B

  5. That is a great collection and so befitting such a voracious reader. I don't collect anything anymore... at this age I am trying to "un-collect" a bunch of stuff. It's give away time in my life.

  6. What an awesome collection of bookmarks. What a cool thing to collect!

    I collect debt, does that count?

  7. What a great collection! I love bookmarks, although I don't collect them. I just have a few located on my bookcase because I'm such a bookaholic. What I do collect is shot glasses. I have quite a few, and some are in the two glass cases I have hanging on the wall. I always pick up one or two (or three or four) whenever I visit an area I've never been to before, or when I spot one that is really cool. It's well known in my family that I collect them, and my brother and my daughter pick up shot glasses for me when they vacation somewhere, or take a day trip to a town or city.

  8. We all need to collect something. I save all my wine corks. What a fun post!

  9. that's a neat collection. dangerous to post about it, though, as folks tend to start sending you things if they know you like 'em :)

  10. What a GREAT idea for a post -- it's such fun to see all your bookmarks! I tend to keep the ones people have made or those I've bought on vacation but somehow they seem to grow and grow -- then disappear! Half of them are stuck in books, which I suppose is their very purpose! I collect too many things -- much to Rick's chagrin! I collect art by artist friends, Christmas things (now I don't buy unless it's amazing, but I still get gifts), cat things (again, mostly gifts now), vintage postcards and ephemera (my main addiction) and I'll save the wine corks, too, though at some point, I'll probably dump them out and start again!

  11. I'd never heard of collecting or buying bookmarks. I didn't know you could buy bookmarks. You've made it into and interesting hobby.
    I did get a bookmark at a friend's memorial a couple of years ago. That one I won't use.

  12. What a fun collection of bookmarks. Of course I especially love your cat ones!

  13. Those are all so neat and so special. I've never seen such a large collection. Now that I'm reading on the iPad I don't use bookmarks anymore, sadly.

  14. I love giving bookmarks for gifts. You've a lovely collection. I tend to loose them. I collected teddy bears but gave most of them away when I began moving around but still have a handful who have gone everywhere with me, the oldest being one year older than me (my grandmother bought him when my Mom told her she was pregnant).

  15. i love the Lucy (Peanuts) & the Curious George book marks. ( :

  16. Oh i love them all! Especially the kitty clip. :)

  17. What a neat collection! I like all the cat ones...I am definitely a cat lady. I collection sad & coal irons, but I had to quit because those will fill up a house quick!

  18. i don't collect, i "save"!!

    ummmm, let's see....shells, seaglass, cards (i have every single card i have ever received from my kids and the hubs) fortune's from fortune cookies......

    i often slide a bookmark in birthday cards, along with a few other flat items. who likes to get a card where nothing falls out ;)

  19. I enjoyed seeing your bookmarks, Tina. They look so nice in the basket, ready to do their job!

  20. Oh I love the one with all the cats in a row! I used to collect bookmarks too, but since I got my Kindle I pretty much don't do it anymore.


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