Monday, April 14, 2014

Challenges with new technology

Hello, dear readers! I hope you are doing well. I have missed you while I’ve been on something of a sabbatical, at least a computer sabbatical.

As I told you last Monday, Larry and I got new computers, pushed into action because of the end of support for Windows XP.
  My new laptop arrived on Wednesday, and I’ve been navigating around Windows 8.1, not always with a smile upon my face.

 I like learning new things. New computers have never frightened me. I’ve managed to learn a lot of new programs over the years.
  My journey started in 1985 when one of my professors during my first semester of graduate studies in English mandated that we learn a word processing program.
  There was a Mac lab in the library, so I decided to learn on the Mac. I sat down with a book and the computer in front of me and taught myself. I’ve been mostly teaching myself ever since on whatever system I found I had to work with.
  I’m learning Windows 8.1, but I’m not finding it particularly intuitive learning. I’m having to search and search for things, including programs I just downloaded.

 I’ve also found that some of my computer accessories are woefully out of date. My camera software downloaded just fine. But for my printer and even my wireless mouse, I had to download updated software from the Internet.
  My Canon scanner is so old, there isn’t any software to download anymore. My go-to program to process my photos is attached to that scanner. So when I need to scan something, or if I want to use that photo processing program, I have to use my old PC.

All my photos are stored on the old PC, too. I will transfer some of them, but for now, I’m keeping most photos on the old PC, which is set up on my desk for easy reach.

 Larry’s new computer won’t be delivered until April 22. So when he needs to get online, he has been using mine.
  I have to admit I’ll be glad when his laptop arrives.
  Larry and I are totally different on the computer. He likes to understand every facet of things and the whys and hows. He likes finding shortcuts and different ways of doing things. He ends up knowing a computer inside and out.
  Me? I just want to get my jobs done.
  We have agreed that it’s not a good idea for one of us to be on the computer with the other one sitting close by watching.
  Of course, these problems and frustrations I’ve had are minor. I am thankful that I have a computer to have problems with. I’m thankful for good Internet connection. I’m thankful for the help Larry has given me when I’ve gotten stuck.
  And I’m thankful for you, dear readers, for sticking with me while I got settled with my new technology.

I’ll be back Wednesday. I have things to share, including how the garden is doing and my experiments with food choices.

 Do you like learning new technology?



  1. Hi Tina, nice to see a post from you. I do enjoy learning new technology, but at my own pace and without someone pushing me, if you get what I mean. I have to admit that I am a bit of a technophobe, but once I learn something, I get very good at it. :)

  2. hope I do not, Windows 8.1 and I will probably never be friends...your comment re both of you and the computer made me giggle, the same principle can be applied here. :-)

  3. I'm glad the new computer has arrived and you are enjoying learning how to use it. Have a great week!

  4. glad you are getting back on line! and i sure hope larry's laptop arrives quickly for both of your sakes. :)

  5. I hope you have many years of blogging fun on the new P.C.

  6. It's fine to take a break once in a while. My computer is very elderly like me! I know that in the near future I will have to buy a new computer. Then the fun will start.

  7. It can be annoying at first, but usually within a few days I'm okay with changes.

  8. No! I don't like learning new technology which is probably why I don't have a smart phone and have stuck with Mac Mac Mac and more Mac! Ha! Besides getting older and enjoying being stuck in the past!

  9. I used to like learning new technology ... now I just get too frustrated with it. My father in law has Windows 7 and I just can't figure ANYTHING out with that thing! It's all so foreign. The funny thing is that my current (old) laptop has Windows 7 Starter, which is essentially Windows XP stripped down. I'm worried about when they stop supporting it!

  10. I wasn't happy with 8.1 and went back to 7. I got an iPad for my birthday, and it's a challenge to learn how to use it!

  11. I don't know anyone who likes Windows 8.1, including me! But as you say, at least I have a computer!

  12. So glad you are back. I feel the same way about being grateful for being able to be connected. I am also thankful for my son who is savvy enough to have built my computer from scratch taking into account my needs and updating it when it needs to be. Boy, will I miss him when he moves out...and not just because of my computer.

  13. i feel like my brain is in a technology overload situation!! but we must keep learning, or fear being left behind!!

  14. Hate learning new tech. It worked fine before, why do they have to change it? Like you, I just want to get things done!

  15. Oh, Tina, I'm afraid I don't like Windows 8.1. I updated my computer several months ago when the free update to 8.1 showed up on my screen and I had so much trouble with compatibility that I went to a computer guru in town and had him uninstall it. I'm still working through the issues I had with that debacle. I hope your experience is much better than mine.


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