Thursday, March 12, 2015

The news and the no-news

Slower than molasses in winter. That’s what I’ve spent the last two months thinking.

What’s moving so slow? The job search process. Or rather, the hiring process.

On Monday when I posted, I believed that I would have news to tell you about a new job. I don’t. So here’s the news about my job search and the way I keep getting—no news.

I applied for a job in early January. I can’t give any details about the job yet. But I can say that I believe I would enjoy the work. Compared to my current job, I would work fewer hours but make significantly more in salary.

That sounds too good to be true. But it is a legit job. It would be a way to be a public servant again, something I’ve missed.

It has been a laborious process. I interviewed. Then I interviewed again. Then I met with two more people as a courtesy. Then I waited while an unexpected crisis hit the employer. I was praised for the patience I had shown.

Then, finally, with only one more step—a step that was more courteous in nature for another group than anything else—I was told that I would receive a formal offer Wednesday.

The courteous step turned into a quagmire. Now I’ve got two more weeks to wait.

Why am I willing to go through all this? Believe me, I’ve asked myself that question. I’ve been very frustrated. I’ve made plans, then had to undo plans. As most hiring processes go, it’s ridiculous.

But I am excited about the job. I want a new challenge. I can use more of my skills. I know the people I would be working for and with. I believe it would be a good fit.
I enjoy my job now. But one side effect of writing news articles for a living is that it’s harder for me to have the right kind of energy for doing the writing I love.
And I’ve been told—and I believe—that the slower-than-molasses-in-winter process isn’t about me. It’s about things out of my control.

And there lies my frustration. I can’t do anything about the process. I can’t hurry it up.

Situations like this raise my anxiety level. I’m tired. I have headaches. I’m restless. My thoughts race.

I haven’t done a good job handling the anxiety. I’ve been putting off dealing with it, telling myself that I would relax and do fun things after things are settled.

That’s not the best way to handle anxiety, and I know that. I am now trying to focus on the present. I remind myself that there will never really be a time when, in every area of my life, “things are settled” because each day brings us problems and frustrations. If I don’t practice my anxiety-reducing measures now, I will miss out on life now.

Meditation. Knitting. Pleasure reading. Lounging with Chase Bird. Laughing with Larry. Going for walks. All things I will be fitting back into my schedule.

And when this part of my life settles down, I will tell you all about the new job.

Have you ever had a strange or particularly stressful experience job hunting?


  1. I hope this isn't obnoxious, but I have the world's smoothest job searches. Pretty much always. I should note that nothing much else is smooth. I'm terrible at dating, have a major mental illness, don't have a lot of friends. So I guess in exchange I've been given an easy time with jobs.

    But I hope this all ends soon and well for you!!

  2. Oh bless your heart! I can't imagine the frustration you must feel. But, hang in there, the time will pass and you will one day look back on this with a better view. From way in front of the pack.

  3. oh, bless you. i know that's got to be tough! i hope it will ALL be worth it.

  4. oohhhh what a pain in the butt!!! hang in there girl, good things are coming!!!!

  5. I feel your pain. In answer to your question, yes, yes, many times. I hope this gets resolved to your satisfaction soon.

    Each morning for the past few months, I get up and do 15 minutes of stretching, 5 minutes of breathwork, and 10 minutes of meditation. This morning it was the last thing I wanted to do. We have been stressed on another front (our son's upcoming wedding and disagreements on how costs should be handled), and I woke up angry and frustrated. This would have been a day when I skipped by routine, but I stuck with it...and it helped a lot. When I read your next-to-last paragraph, I said, "Yep. I totally get this today."

    Heng in there. I'll be thinking of you.

  6. Tina, I feel for you. I'm going through a similar process right now. I have wanted to cut my hours back at my current job to part-time for over a year now. Like you, I enjoy my writing job and the people I work with, but it does sap my creative energy (and my energy overall...I want more time for my garden, my hobbies, and other things). For awhile they said it was impossible, then last Fall they told me I could after the New Year...then March or it's June or maybe even September. The things preventative make sense, but it's hard not being able to plan properly. I'm trying to stay calm, go with the flow, and count the benefits of having the extra money for awhile longer.

    I hope you get that formal offer soon!

  7. I hope things sort themselves out soon. I had a couple of long waits and they were both with the federal govt. Like you, I knew I would be hired but I still had to wait.

  8. Ah, in some ways I feel like we are in the same spot. Waiting is hard.VERY hard. But it IS out of our control and the more we fight it, the more painful it gets. I think recognizing it is half the battle.

    You know, this job hiring process is unfortunately all too common. And it doesn't seem to matter what type of position you are applying for or what type of company you are applying at. It's like employers are afraid to hire people and make a mistake so they go crazy in the interview process. Rather ridiculous but there you have it. Good luck with this and I really hope you get the job!

  9. I understand your frustration. It has to be hard to wait and deal with things out of your own control. I do hope in the end the wait will be worth it all. Once I interviewed for a job I really wanted. They kept me there for the interview for 2 hours and seemed really pleased with my resume and skills. The next day they called to say they had hired someone who was already working there in a different position. I was so bummed. Why waste a person's time like that and then not hire them.

  10. Waiting is hard, I know.......but I'm hoping it's all worth it for you! In the meantime, I agree with what you enjoy and get on with your life :)

  11. It reminds me of the hiring process that we had when I worked for the university. Never-ending bureaucracy and constant waiting. I hope that you get resolution soon -- the waiting must be making you crazy!

  12. Oh yes. When I worked for the state it was a full three months between my initial interview and the day I started work. Some places can really draw things out.

  13. Sometimes we just have to wait for the good things that come our way, it's difficult, but admittedly filled with stress. Hang on, it's coming!!


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