Monday, May 4, 2015

Catching up


Hello, dear readers. I’m feeling a bit out of breath and overwhelmed right now with all the changes going on, but I wanted to catch you up on those changes.

The big change is my new job. Friday was my first day. It was nice to start getting settled in. I didn’t have a lot to do because my supervisor is out of town until mid-week due to a family illness. But I enjoyed connecting with my new co-workers, many of whom I already know.

I think I’m going to enjoy the work and my work environment. I just don’t know enough to feel useful at this point, and I tend to get bored if I’m not busy. So I am trying to keep boredom at bay and use my down time to learn more about working for the county and the issues that I could be talking about with the media and with the public.

Tuesday night is the annual public hearing before the Board of Supervisors on the next fiscal year’s budget, and we’re expecting a large crowd. There will be no tax increase this year, but the schools are also not receiving all the funding they asked for. So the schools will have to make some cuts that not everyone is happy with.
More people seem to be involved now in speaking out about the direction they want the county to go in.
I’ll be at the meeting Tuesday, though instead of covering it for the newspaper, I’ll be helping to get people signed up to speak, and I’ll be listening to people’s concerns.

My supervisor returns to the office on Wednesday, and that’s when I’ll begin to learn the meat and potatoes of my job. I’m looking forward to that, because I like to stay busy, and boredom can easily lead to depression for me.

The other big change is our new family member, Abbey. She is so funny and sweet. We have given her and Chase Bird some face-to-face time. Chase seems to prefer to ignore her, though he has hissed at her a couple of times. But overall, though they are obviously wary, I think they will get along.

Abbey makes the cutest mewing sounds. Whether she’s greeting you or playing or asking for food or attention, it’s kind of a trill with rolled “Rs” mixed with “mew.” I need to record the sound for you.

I love taking care of my kitties. I get so much satisfaction out of making sure they’re fed and getting playtime and cuddle time. And a content, purring kitty is the antidote to just about any stress!

Take care until next time!


  1. glad abbey and chase bird have met a few times! sounds like they'll be fine after a while. :) i know you're looking forward to diving into your new job. good for you!! :)

  2. Abbey is SO beautiful! That photo made my heart jump with joy! I'm glad it's going well with Chase Bird. And yes, you are right about the purr and stress. I think they've even done scientific studies on that and now I feel compelled to go look that up.

    I think it's probably nice that you've had a few days to ease into your work environment and colleagues. I'm sure the lack of work is a tad dull but it will shape up quickly with the upcoming event and now you'll know the chains of where to go, which person might be the best in the group to work with... yes, I think that's not bad! Eager to hear how it all plays out!

    You were missed! Welcome back!

  3. What lovely eyes Abbey has! Good luck in the new job. :-)

  4. So happy to hear that things are going well at your new job, and with Abbey! Excellent.

  5. Abbey is the cutest cat ever. More pictures please :)

  6. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the new changes in your life. Sounds like the cats are at least getting to coexistence.

  7. Great to see a post from you. The start of a new job is always exciting. Good luck.

  8. Abbey is gorgeous! I agree that purring is a great soother. Have you read Margaret Atwood's Maddadam Trilogy? She has actually invented characters who purr to heal people. Good luck in your new job! I'm sure you can't wait to really get started.

  9. Oh Congrats on the new job and newest family member. Hug B

  10. you have so much to be thankful for tina, everything is falling in to place!!! abbey is adorable!!

  11. Sounds like you will fit in nicely at the new job.
    Abbey is just so adorable. - We have a new little one at our house too. I'll be introducing him this week.

  12. new Kitty is so pretty :-)

    I'm glad you're starting to settle in to the new job.

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  14. Girl, I am missing you. Hope all is well and that you soon post something again.

  15. I need to read up about your job change!


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