Friday, November 22, 2013

Randoms and the changing of the season

It’s Friday, so it’s time for another Random 5 Friday, a fun meme started by Nancy at A Rural Journal.

Fall seems to be rapidly turning into winter. The trees are almost bare here, though there are still a few leaves hanging on.
I am fascinated with the shapes of trees underneath the leaves that cover them during much of the year. I enjoy the stark look and the clear silhouettes of the smaller branches against the sky.

A tree in our neighborhood that I admire.

Is it my imagination or do the fall-into-winter sunsets seem to happen more quickly than sunsets during the summer?
It seems like there is a small window of time to enjoy the pretty show of colors. Maybe this will help me appreciate them all the more.

Sunset photo taken from the car as we drove to Roanoke this week

Another sign of the changing season: Christmas lights! Larry and I drove through a dark, rural area one evening this week, and I was surprised at the number of houses that were decorated for Christmas.
It’s still a little early for me to want to decorate for Christmas, but seeing those lights brighten the darkness was nice.

I am steadily getting ready for my freelance editing work. I’m moving towards officially starting after the first of the year. I’ll share more details as I get things in place. I’m so excited!

Though I haven’t yet done any Christmas shopping, I have managed to get Larry to suggest a couple of things he’d like as a gift. That’s an accomplishment. Usually it’s difficult for me to pull any such information out of him. He says I don’t need to give him anything.
Christmas is not about exchanging gifts. But opening up some special gifts on Christmas morning is a ritual that I look forward to.
We sit together by the tree, with Christmas music playing on the stereo. And there’s usually a cat around waiting impatiently for an empty box to become available.

Christmas 2007. Thunder Cat watches as Sam settles into a gift box. Both cats have since gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but we think of them everyday.


  1. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, Tina. Your photos are lovely!

  2. That is interesting about the sunsets and time it takes. Now you have me wondering!

  3. amazing how many folks are ready for Christmas - but then the other day i was in Walmart - & this lady was like no, no, no it is too early for Christmas decor ... i as smelling candles - it was kind of funny. ha. ha!! ( :

  4. Freelancing getting closer ;-). And that tree is a tall, tall tree. It feels as if sunsets pass more quickly these days...

  5. Oh Tina I am so excited about your new venture. Christmas seems early but I guess the year went fast. My girls and I are doing a Christmas where we just make things for each other. I am pretty sure they are getting strange scarves they may need something else:) Have a nice weekend Hug B

  6. The trees are bare here too Tina. The autumn leaves are pretty much all gone now. And our neighborhood is finally filling up with Christmas lights as well!

  7. I know you are excited about your freelance editing work ... good for you! I've started some decorating. I think it's because Thanksgiving is late this year and I like all the lights! And, it usually means cooler weather is around the corner and this year it worked! Cool is here! Gorgeous tree (I love seeing the skeleton and how it reaches toward the sky) and sunset. Jingle on! ;)

  8. Oh I'm not decorating for Christmas yet either! We usually start that after Thanksgiving. We get our tree and our elf, Tulley, comes back. Although there was a day last week when we thought we heard Tulley on the roof, and I saw him peek in a window, but then he disappeared again. I think he was just checking in.

    So exciting about your freelance work!

  9. Wonderful photos! I enjoy every season of the trees, but mostly fall and winter. Fall for the color (obviously) and winter because I can see the birds better. Also, the shapes, as you noted, are interesting; gives them character. Best of luck on your freelance gig!

  10. awww, the cats in boxes is so cute! good for you for getting larry to spill about what he'd like.

  11. Apparently changing seasons are good for us. So your comments about sunsets being different,Christmas lights and trees are all things that are change and keep us humming.
    Don't get too bent out of shape about the gifts. There must be a good book about men and gifts!

  12. Yes, I love the bones of the trees, they are just so dang interesting. Hurrah on your moving forward with your business...I am excited for you!! I am seeing Christmas lights all over the place. Our downtown is fully lit.

  13. Christmas Cat Joy - cute.

    My next door neighbor has her lights up on their house - they aren't on, yet - but they are ready - when they are on - there is no need for any kind of night light - in fact, it's bright enough to be a landing strip. They put a lot of effort and pride into this annual display.

    That top photo of the bare tree - I keep looking at it - because the sky becomes a more intense blue the higher I look . . . wow.

    Love to YOU!

  14. ooohhhh tina, i am always chasing those sunsets and you have to be quick, quick. they change in an instant!!

    i have done a lot of christmas shopping as i am a picker, uper all year long. i always have twice what i need for everyone's stockings. i don't buy for too many people any more......just my kids, our moms and addie of course. she's the only little one i have.

    the hubs and i don't exchange gifts at christmas, we treat ourselfs all year long.

    i enjoyed your five and all of your beautiful images!!

  15. I also enjoy seeing the bare branches of trees, they make such interesting patterns.
    I have bought a couple of gifts for my mom already but I need to get cracking as it's just around the corner.
    No holiday lights up at our house yet but Mike & Coleen plan to do that this weekend.

  16. Oops I forgot my link:

  17. I enjoy seeing the nests that were hidden in the trees once the leaves are all gone. All those little bird and squirrel families have since moved on!

    It gets dark really early, which is quite depressing, and Christmas lights are a welcome sight. They really brighten things up!

  18. I am excited for you about the new job! I haven't seen any Christmas lights, but I'm telling ya- Walmart blasts me with the Christmas music as soon as I walk in the door...I wish they would just let me get through Thanksgiving (even though Christmas IS my favorite holiday!)

  19. Last night was our city's Christmas parade and tree lighting. I'm not quite ready but I suppose that doesn't really matter! So, let the festivities begin -- off to the greens market today!

  20. I really enjoyed this random 5, the pictures are lovely and the cat's adorable. Have a lovely weekend!


  21. Congrats on your new editing endeavor! I hope it goes well.

    The other night I was walking downtown, and all the little shops were decorated with lights and festive window displays. It was so charming!

  22. I just said that the other day to someone ... fall is disappearing from my eyes and winter is just about in! It snowed for the first time yesterday ... flurries, but still too soon, I think!

    I'm hoping winter holds off for a couple more weeks, at least!


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