Friday, January 24, 2014

A cold Random 5 Friday

Happy Friday! I hope if you’re in a cold part of the world, you are staying warm.
It’s time for another Random 5 Friday, a great meme started by Nancy at A Rural Journal. To read more random posts and to join in, click HERE.

It’s so cold here, some of the meager snow we got on Tuesday is still hanging around. As I write this on Thursday night, the weather people are calling for temps in the single digits by morning, with wind chill 0 and below. That’s cold for Central Virginia.
I don’t usually wear hats, but I’m wearing them these days. Gloves are a must, too. And layers.
What are you doing to stay warm?

Snow in the yard on Wednesday.
It was cold, but the sky was blue.

In the continuing story of the heat pump, the contractor called early Wednesday and said they couldn’t come that day because they hadn’t finished up the job that took them away on Monday.
So they returned Thursday and got the new heat pump installed and hooked up to the electric heat. They’re supposed to come today and finish.
We will believe it when we see it.

As most of you know, I work 32 hours a week as a newspaper reporter for a weekly newspaper.
I recently read something interesting. CareerCast came out with its list of the most stressful jobs in 2014. “Newspaper reporter” was number 8.
I had to laugh when I read it. My first thought was, why is a person with anxiety disorders working in one of the most stressful jobs?
From comments I read on the site, not everyone agrees with the list, of course. And I don’t think my job stress can compare to those who work in personally dangerous situations or who work to save others’ lives.
But it was all food for thought.
What has been your most stressful job?

My job with the newspaper can be very interesting. We have such a small editorial staff—one other staff writer and the editor—that we all end up covering a variety of stories.
Just on Wednesday of this week, I conducted a phone interview with an expert on senior issues. Then I did an in-person interview with the fitness director at the local Y on mind-body fitness. Finally, I covered a visit to Altavista by Sen. Mark Warner, one of Virginia’s senators.
On Saturday, I will cover the local chamber’s annual awards dinner. Next week, I’ll cover a murder trial in the county.

Chase Bird will be glad when the heat pump work is done. Every time the HVAC workers appear, he has to be put behind the gate in the back bedroom.
He still goes in there on his own to eat sometimes. We kept his water bowl and a dry food bowl in there even after he got full access to the house last fall. Sometimes he sits on a stool by the window or in a cat bed in there.

But it’s better when it’s on his terms.

Chase Bird.


  1. Poor Chase Bird. My cat, Norbert hates when strangers come in the house. He hides until they leave. My other cat, Sheldon is like a dog and follows them around and will sit on them if they stay still.

    My most stressful job was working for a bully. It was so bad that my hair was falling out and it was all around my desk.

    I want to hear about that murder trial!

  2. Oh yes enough of this cold already but I have taken to knitting then wearing hats one day I wore two it is so darn cold.
    Stressful job well I must say your job sounds a bit stressful to me but you make it sound not so bad, I think it would be challenging but very interesting. I think farming can be stressful.
    Poor Chasebird and the strangers:)
    Maybe you need a fancy hat knitted by a farmer to get used to hats:) Keep warm and have fun at work. Hug B

  3. I think if you love what you are doing, then the stressful part never really occurs to you. That has been my experience. It's supposed to be in the 40's today, but the wind is howling, so it's a trade off. Stay warm Tina! xo

  4. I love this picture!
    By far, my most stressful job was my first job, when I did investigations of child abuse for CPS in Houston. It was awful. I only lasted a year and a half, and that's much longer than most of the people I did the 3 months of training with.
    My favorite job, on the other hand, was working for a vet during college. I loved being around animals and animal people all the time.

  5. It's -4 here in Central KY this morning with a wind chill of -15. This is the longest extended cold that I've seen here in about a decade. I hope the heat pump gets fixed soon Tina! For you and for Chase Bird :)

  6. i sure hope you can get your heat pump work DONE, finally! wow! my most stressful job was supervising 2 jr. accountants. i soon found out a supervisor job was not for me and did much better managing my own work. :)

  7. Still no heat pump? Wow. My most stressful job was a 2nd job (in addition to my full time job) at an animal emergency clinic working nights and weekends. I became unsympathetic very quickly to irresponsible owners.

  8. It sounds like you go on some very interesting interviews. Love of your job probably cuts the stress down considerably. I hope your heat situation is fixed soon and is probably causing more stress than your job.....I am sure Chase Bird will be glad too....Stay warm....

  9. A murder trial story! That is pretty interesting...

    How do I stay warm these days? I leave the house only when absolutely necessary!

  10. COLD is a four letter word. I'm wearing gloves as I type and every now and then shove my hands under the cat's warm fur for a warm up. Winter cannot end soon enough!

  11. That's a gorgeous blue sky in your second shot! Your job sounds very interesting and you write on so many subjects. Stressful maybe, but certainly not boring!

  12. Oh, that Chase Bird is Awesome.
    Reporting on a murder??? yikers. sad stuff, I'm thinking.
    Yep, the last couple of years had stupid, stressful situations . . . so, I changed - people are always so surprised when one decides to do what makes them happy.

    You are so good at what you do, i suspect you are in your right & perfect place.

    The Holy has taken precautions to make sure the worst weather days are when i stay home - and working days are clear enough for me to "get out there." SO, I haven't done anything at all - I have been watched after in marvelous ways.

    Happy Friday, Friend!

  13. Morning Tina, good thing I write for magazines and not Nice snowy cold/blue sky contrast. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, does it? It seems like the sun should be warming thing up big time from that blue sky. Here in Van, and also in OXON it's barely 0 over night and up to 10 or so in the day time, so practically sweater weather, although a tuque is very welcome. I think people just acclimatize after a while. Stay warm and have a lovely weekend. :)

  14. hope the work will be over soon so Chase Bird can get back to normal. or at least a more normal routine. have a nice weekend!! ( :

  15. Our smallest cat does not like Lorelei...and Lorelei has never been mean to her and wants to pet her and be friends so she stays at arms length unless we are with her, then she will let Lo pet her.

    I hope your heat pump situation is finally finished and done...if you are like me you hate something taking so long to be finished.

  16. I have permanent hat hair this winter.

  17. It's always better to a cat when things are on their terms. That's one reason why I admire and respect them. Boy, I bet you can't wait until your heat pump is fixed. What a pain! We are keeping "warm" by being in western Texas. But yesterday was hardly warm by their standards. There was ice on the grass this morning. But that is one reason why I haven't been able to keep up with all the blogs. We're a long way from home. BTW, my most stressful job was working as a paralegal in a law firm in Boston. It was hell.

  18. Cats are always happier when things happen on their terms, i think. Lol. Gosh i hope the work on your heating is done soon. Why do contractors take on several jobs at a time instead of finishing one job well and in good time then moving on? It seems it wouod be better for their business and less stressful for clients... But what do i know?? Lol again..

  19. have a wonderful weekend tina....i love your blue sky in winter. it's so uplifting!!

  20. all of our snow is still hanging around too...and i'm ready for some warm temps...doesn't look like that will be anytime soon though :(

  21. Poor Chase Bird- he doesn't look too happy in that shot! Sorry about your troubles- I think the word "service" is such a big fat lie anymore.

  22. I've been staying inside to stay warm!

    My most stressful (paid) job was legal secretary. I felt very responsible for the people we represented. Their lives were literally in our hands. If something got filed late or incorrectly, well, it could really hurt a client. Then there were plenty of times when my bosses would run over to me at like 4:00 p.m. and say, "Hurry - type this motion and get it over to the Courthouse by 4:30!" (We were across the street from the courthouse. In some ways the job was very enjoyable, but I sure don't miss the stress.

  23. It has been cold, I am looking for an early spring. It has been so cold the first snow we had never melted. I know you will be happy when the heat pump is fixed. And Chase Bird will be even happier. Enjoy your week ahead and stay warm!


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