Friday, January 10, 2014

Random 5 Friday

It finally got warmer here. I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate temps in the 30s, 40s, and 50s.
I hope all of you are doing well, and if you were in the path of the frigid cold, I hope you made it through OK.
It’s time for another Random 5 Friday. I’m joining this fun meme started by Nancy at A Rural Journal.

Chase Bird peeks over the arm of the chair.

I usually have to work late on Tuesdays because we lay out the paper and get it ready for press. I didn’t get home until after 10 p.m. this past Tuesday.
Larry said that Chase Bird was listening and looking for me before I got home. When I got home, he seemed happy to see me. Apparently he doesn’t like me to work late. I miss him and Larry, too.

Our heat pump gave out this week, and we have to have another one installed. That was obviously not what we wanted to hear from the HVAC people.
It takes care of two rooms in the house, with an oil furnace taking care of the rest of the house. But it will still cost a chunk of money.
Larry called me at work to tell me about the heat pump. A little bit later, he called back, laughing a bit. The oil company had just shown up to fill up the oil tank and left a nice bill. You might as well laugh as cry, I guess.
I’m just thankful that we can take care of these things. There are so many people worse off than us.

I didn’t put away our lighted snow couple when I took down Christmas decorations. It’s really a winter decoration, don’t you think? And I like the lights.

Sometimes I learn things through my work that help me in my personal life. I attended a nutrition program today offered through a partnership between the county libraries and a state university. It provided such good information that I can use for my own eating.
It’s not a complicated way to eat. It’s eating whole foods as much as possible, eating a mostly plant-based diet and eating foods that help reduce chronic inflammation. And it's individual. Foods that are good for you might not be good for me.

Eating better will help me feel better. I know that. In order to eat better, I know I’m going to have to start cooking more. One thing that will help me do that is to plan better. If I wait until the end of the day to decide what to have for dinner, when I’m tired, then I’m probably going to want to take the path of least resistance.
How far ahead do you plan your menus? Does it help you to plan ahead?

A pasta salad I fixed a while back.


  1. I love cold weather myself, not snow but cold temperatures for sure.

  2. i think you can keep out that snowmen decor until it is not cold any more. it is so cute. i am still hoping for snow this year. but i am afraid my wish will not come true. ) :
    happy weekend.

  3. Yes the lighted snow couple is most definitely a winter decoration! And yes isn't it odd how temperatures in the 30s can feel warm??

  4. Snowmen can stay out all winter -- don't you think? I've put up all my outdoor decorations, but still have my trees up ... moving slowly indoors. Chase Bird is a very handsome kitty. Sorry about the heating bills ... always something to do to maintain the house. The nutritions program sounds like it was full of good ideas. Happy Friday!

  5. That lighted snow couple is adorable. I'd probably keep it out year round as a night light!

    I usually don't plan meals very far in advance, although I will sometimes cook in bulk, and freeze portions for future dinners. That certainly helps cut down on cooking.

  6. How awful that your heat pump went out but at least part of the house was not cold. We are getting warmer now which is a good thing. I think the snowmen should stay out until spring. After all, we might have snow anytime during the winter. Have a good week. Be safe coming home so late on Tuesdays.

  7. when I worked I would often spend a weekend day making a pasta sauce, a dish of lasagne, a meat loaf, etc then cutting them up into serving sizes either for work or for our evening meal and freezing them. I made a random list on my day off (not always weekends) for a week in advance and had the ingredients I needed...I like your snow couple and I know my hubby would leave it out all year-he's recently decided the fairy lights in the Olive tree will now be strung around the arbour for the year :-)

  8. hi tina...i leave all my snowmen out and about until i decorate for valentines or easter. you are right, they are soooo cute and we should decorate the house for "winter"!!

    i don't do too much meal planning because i don't work, really....and my schedule is so flexable. if they are forcasting rain or snow, we pick up our ingredients the day before. i can't food shop, then come home and prepare a meal. i don't like to freeze meat, just my thing!!

  9. oh i'm sorry about your heat pump...i would keep those cute snowmen out all winter too...funny, i'm planning my menu right now so i can go grocery shopping a little later. i try to plan for 2's difficult for me though, i can never think of anything! school was called off today because of this icy rain we are having...have a great weekend :)

  10. i've been wondering about our heat pump, too. sometimes it sounds like an engine going out. *sigh*

    good luck with meal planning.

  11. I love your snow couple! I plan my menu a week ahead so I know what to buy when I get to the grocery store. That salad looks yummy!

  12. Sorry about your unexpected repair bill. Ugh. I stick to Lean Cuisines in the evenings and cook maybe twice a week. That's the only way I can keep the weight off.

  13. Oh so sorry about the cost and replacement of your heat pump, that was not on your list of must have's for the new year. Isn't it nice to have a pet that looks forward to your return. Your pasta salad looks so yummy, pasta & black olives both on my "favs" list!!

  14. When I held a job, I did my cooking on Sunday for the week and then froze/reheated meals. I could cook all my meals in a few hours, and then just enjoy eating for the rest of the week! These days I prepare a weekly menu on Sunday or Monday for the coming week, and I make enough of each recipe for a couple of meals.

    Sorry to hear about your repairs!

  15. I love that your kitty was waiting for you. He sure is a cutie.
    Your lighted snow couple is pretty and could very well work for a winter decoration.
    The Pasta salad looks good. - I generally don't plan meals (but probably should).

  16. I take down the Santas and bring out the snowpeople and there they stay till it looks like it might be spring. I don't always meal-plan, but I try to have good things in the pantry always so I can come up with something. Some days work better than others!

  17. At least you have some heat in your house. Things have a habit of going kaput at the worst possible times. Warmer temps improve life a whole lot.

  18. Yes, the snow couple do make a wonderful winter decoration.

    As for meals, I don't plan much any more...but I used to sort of plan for the day ahead. And it does help. And even now, it is better when I plan out for two or three days.

  19. I really do like the snow couple.

    Every creature I've ever been blessed to live with - has watched and cared for me . . . (color me grateful)

    Yes, I DO plan my meals . . . pretty well in advance - kinda important for me to have a "game plan" as far as possible.

    Love to YOU!!!

  20. Chase bird is so sweet, Tina! I also love the snow couple. Eating healthier is something I am really striving to do, which is a challenge when you don't really have an appetite for food. Sending you warm hugs.

  21. The nutrition seminar sounds awesome. I hope your ear feels better. I've been there - it is so painful. Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly - grab a heating pad in the meantime!

  22. I bake/cook alot of chicken, burgers and paleo desserts ahead for the week so I'm not tempted to cheat!

    Sorry about the heating issues -- 2014 did not start out on a good foot for either of us it seems. Can only get better, right? :)

  23. I think the snow couple can stay up until March.

  24. I say that you can keep the snow people out as long as you want, especially if it brings you good cheer. The pasta salad looks really tasty. You are the 4th person (including my daughter & myself) who had heat or water pipes problem this week. It's all costly, isn't it? You're right, we either find humor or we find ourselves down deep in the doldrums.

  25. Chase Bird is such a beauty! I can imagine that he misses you too when you work late. Yeah, when it rains, it pours when it comes to household expenses, it seems. In a winter like this, it's sure is nice to have heat! I make every effort to plan and execute home cooked meals. It works about 50 percent of the time.

  26. Your decorations are definitely winter and not just Christmas. I switched out my Christmas decorations (-well, most of them), but put up some more window clings in their place that are really Christmas. But I decided cute white bears could work for another month or few anyway. :)

    Cooking is tough for me, too. I have to jump on it when I'm in the mood (a couple times a year) or I continue eating my pre-prepared food. And even if I do jump on it, before long I'm back to eating my pre-made food from the store.

  27. Your Chase Bird is a cutie! We stopped using our heat/air pump in the winter the bills were awful and we still felt cold. So we are using the oil furnace and hoping that holds out..The Pasta Salad looks delicious, we try to plan meals for the work week. Wishing you a happy week.


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