Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bringing along my camera

I got my camera out yesterday.
I decided the night before that I would take pictures outside around our yard before going into the newspaper office, and then more when I got home.
I have had a hard time lately following through with my intentions. But this time I did it. Something in me wanted to get outside and see things in ways I do only when I have a camera in hand.

Acorns scattered on the driveway. Larry cleans them off, but more take their place.

A pile of acorns here. Maybe it's a nature-made buffet for the deer and squirrels.

A close-up of the acorns that seem to fall almost constantly. I'm glad to see them. Last year there were very few for the animals.

The leaves aren't changing as quickly as I thought they were. This tree in the backyard is starting to show some red.

This tree in the neighbor's yard is going to be lovely once it all turns.

It was drizzly when I took my morning pictures. By the time I got home from the office, it was pouring. So I didn’t get my after-work pictures. But I worked around that.
Earlier, I had to drive out into a rural part of the county to interview a person for a story. On the way to this person’s house, I noticed some things I wanted to photograph.
There aren’t many good places to pull over on these country roads. The ditches are often too near the roadside for a safe pull-over, and trees and other foliage tend to hug the road.
But a fence I wanted to photograph happened to be across the road from a church, so I pulled into the driveway and took photos.

A fence in rural Campbell County. You can barely see the barbed wire because of the growth around it.

The fence must not be keeping anything in or out right now. It ended with a post wrapped in extra barbed wire.

A few weeks ago, in a comment, my friend Janet from ocdtalk shared a link to an article called “Photography as a Balm for Mental Illness,” by Aimee Lee Ball. It’s discusses the reasons that photography can be so helpful for those struggling with mental illness. You can read the article HERE.

I can relate. It feels so good to create something. And focusing on what I want to capture, and how, puts me in the moment, with a mind too busy to focus on anything negative or fearful.

Since I finally captured a photo of a fence, I’m linking up with Theresa’s Good Fences meme on her blog, TheRun*Around*Ranch Report.
It’s fun to see the fences and gates that people have found on their daily adventures. To link up yourself or to see some fun photos, follow the link HERE.

Do you enjoy photography? Why or why not?


  1. I am glad you went out with your camera, lovely series of images. Our driveway is filled with acorns, they are crushed from driving over them now.. Your fall colors are beautiful. Enjoy your day!

  2. You got some lovely shots! I like the first one especially.

  3. Wonderful photos. Wow those acorns look like heaven for a squirrel lol. And I love that picture of the rural fence.

  4. love the overgrown fence line! thanks for getting these shots to share! and i like the acorns and turning trees, too. we're always quite a bit later than you. :)

  5. i love photography, but you already know that. i like the fence, i'm sure it had a purpose in it's day!!

    and be careful on those acorns, i don't want you to twist an ankle ;)

  6. I love your fence images Tina. We have alot of acorns here in Pa too this year. I've heard that's a sign of a bad winter. we shall see.

  7. Love the "buffet" of acorns. I adore photography as you know and also suffer from depression. I believe God has given me photography to help me see the beauty in life. I'm glad you've found that too.

  8. I am loving the photos of the acorns..and the fence post with the it, too.
    I love photography...and had no idea I liked it so much until I started blogging. The funny thing...I love taking pictures of's such a hard subject to make look appealing that when I DO get a good photo of something I've baked, I am thrilled. So silly....but....
    I just linked up to follow you...come by to see me when you can. I have a fence post up today, too. :)

  9. Pretty signs of autumn. My backyard squirrels would love those acorns!

  10. Yeah I loved that you got that camera out again. You got some great shots. I really like the one with the acorns across the grate. We checked a few spots for acorns here this year and there were hardly any around this year. Such a pretty tree, don't you just love the changing colors. Great fence shots, the last one was so unique with the tangled barbed wire. I told you that Photography can be theraputic.

  11. I REALLY like that last shot and the haphazard-ness of the twirling barbed wire.

  12. Great pictures and I'm glad you liked that link I sent you, Tina. I like photography, but always seem to forget my camera, or if I have it, I forget to use it because I get so caught up in the moment! Luckily for me, my husband usually captures the beauty on his camera and then shares it with me. :)

  13. I really like your photos of the acorns - you have inspired me to take some pictures of the acorns in our driveway. The fence post photo is gorgeous - I love things like that. Thank you!

  14. Fall is here! Bit by bit.

    I love taking photos, too. In a previous marriage, my husband said I'd never be good at it because I couldn't work in a darkroom...I took photos anyway, and some come out pretty darned good. Love the digital age!

  15. Wonderful photos, Tina! As you well know, I love photography, and never leave home without a camera. I find it relaxing and soul-soothing.

  16. Yes, I would say that taking a camera out for therapy is a good thing to do. when we focus on something else, it takes out minds off our own problems. Great shots along your driveway.

  17. Acorns are starting to drop here too. Pecans also! Time to get out and start pickin' pecans.

  18. It's fun to see what your part of the world looks like. I was up north and meant to bring back a bucket of acorns to set out for the squirrels when winter comes (to help keep them away from the bird feeder for an hour!).

    I love photography and my camera is always with me. It reminds me of good times, lovely things and during the cold months, the summer photos remind me that nothing lasts forever; summer will come again!

  19. Lovely photos! I like to take pictures too, though I just use my iPhone. Although there are some wonderful apps and filters, so sometimes you can get some pretty decent photos.


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