Monday, December 8, 2014

A pause in the overwhelm

“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”
-Buddy in the movie Elf
A hectic week behind me and another one ahead. Or so it seems when I think of all that I have to do. I remind myself that I don’t have to do everything at once, and it will all get done eventually. Right?

Larry and I spent some time outside the Land of Overwhelm Sunday. We got out the trees (one large and one small) and decorated the large one that we put in the den. Here’s a photo taken with my phone:

We still need to add the finishing touches, including the tree skirt.

While we decorated, we watched the movie Elf. My blogger friend Keith Wynn of Musings of An Unapologetic Dreamer recommended the movie as one of his favorites, and he recently sprinkled Facebook with quotes from it.
We enjoyed Elf. It made us laugh and feel a bit more lighthearted about the holidays.

As we go through this week, let’s find ways to take a break from the work and stress and enjoy the moment.

Chase Bird isn't sure what he thinks of the intrusion of the tree. His expression says it all.

What is your favorite holiday movie?


  1. i have been doing a whole collection, sharing of my collection of my Christmas movies on my other blog ... .... there are so many i love ... i even found one on my recent Target shopping over the weekend to add to this collection. i love pulling them out and watching them over and over. i love Elf for the music and silly Will Farrell ... he is a real character. ( :

    have a great week. take care.

  2. I LOVE Elf. It cracks me up. It's probably my favorite holiday movie. :-)

    Your tree is so pretty.

  3. I also love Elf. I knew when I first saw it, it would become a modern day "classic". Beautiful tree!

  4. Christmas vacation with Chevy Chase, is my favorite BUT elf is a close second!! "I just love to smile, smiling's my favorite!!!

    the tree looks so pretty!!!!

  5. Since we don't celebrate Christmas, we are basically staying out of the fray. However, we do enjoy watching certain Christmas-themed movies. I'll second Debbie's motion about Christmas Vacation, which is hysterical. Also, my husband's all-time favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life, so I expect we'll be watching that one soon. I also usually watch Little Women this time of year...not a Christmas movie, but I just enjoy watching it in December.

  6. You're right about the approach of Christmas being a very busy time of year. You're just lucky you aren't a teacher. School was just nuts in December.

  7. How very true! I always feel like there is sooo much to do and since I love Christmas I tend to feel so overwhelmed that the fun starts to fade. This year I pledged to keep it simple and so far so good. Elf is a good movie. My favorites are the oldies from childhood, Frosty, and all those Rudolph and Santa stop motion looking movies.
    Enjoy the season!


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