Monday, January 19, 2015

Doors at Avoca

Thank you for your kind comments and good thoughts you sent for me last week. Larry and I are feeling better. We got out of the house a little over the weekend.
I’m still feeling tired, but it is back to the regular work schedule today. Actually, I only missed one day of work last week. I went to the doctor on Wednesday but still worked for part of the day.
On Thursday, I covered a court hearing. I couldn’t take my cough medicine all that day before court at 1:30 because it makes me sleepy. So I had a few times during the hearing when I was afraid I was going to start coughing. I made it through though.
Then Friday, I stayed home and slept a good part of the day. In fact, I slept a lot over the whole weekend.
All that said, I didn’t get any photos of anything over the past several days, and I didn’t do any writing other than in my journal. So . . . for today’s post, I thought I would share some photos I took last fall at Avoca Museum in Altavista.
Avoca is a Queen Anne style house that is a Virginia Historic Landmark and is in the National Register of Historic Places. It is on the site of the home of Colonel Charles Lynch, from the time of the American Revolutionary War.
One Saturday afternoon last fall, I went by Avoca to get a photo of a group meeting there. One of our local doctors is the current president of a state physicians’ group, and he asked me to get a photo for the paper.
A community newspaper does photos like these that a daily paper may not. Our mission is to provide a written and visual record of the community, and pictures like these fit into that mission.
I had to wait a while before the group reached a stopping place to pose for a photo. I sat in the back hallway of the house.
I usually can find something to keep my mind occupied during waiting times, and that day, I started noticing the doors in the house. I liked the decorative touches and the dark wood used. So I took photos.

Back screen door.

Back door.

Front door.

This doorknob is on a door in the back hallway. I liked the design.

What’s your favorite historic landmark near your home?


  1. oh, loved these! the door knob and the back door were my favorites! so glad you're feeling better! sitting in the courtroom, needing to cough, would have been dreadful!

  2. Tina, I am glad you are all feeling better.. I love the doors and the cool knob.. Great photos..Have a happy week!

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I love the door knob!

    I really like Booker T. Washington monument.

  4. Love the pics. I would never think to take pictures of doors, etc. Guess that's why you are a photographer and I'm not!

  5. Beautiful photos of gorgeous craftsmanship. Why can't we have that kind of beauty anymore? My favourite landmark is our local cemetery where my ancestors have been buried since 1880.

  6. Those details on doors and handles must be a one of a kind. they would be very interesting while you wait. It's a good thing you are recuperating.

  7. Glad you are both feeling better. Oh I love the detail in the doors and the door knob. Take care. Hug B

  8. These are beautiful photos, Tina. Wonderful lighting and architectural detail. We have a spot called the Turner Dodge Mansion, which is connected to the auto industry here. It is restored but always an effort to keep it such. At the holidays they have a wonderful "Festival of Trees" and it's so pretty!

  9. That is an interesting place. I am so happy you had to wait a bit on the group before getting their picture... because to fill the time you took these wonderful shots of these doors. Great use of time.

  10. So glad that you both are feeling better, Tina! I love those interesting and unique doors!

  11. Love the architecture. We are fortunate to have several historic landmarks plus Conner Prairie, a living history museum. I'm glad you are feeling better. I had a 11 day cold that was very unpleasant.

  12. All are State Park, my favorite by far!! You may remember it's where we ride our bikes!! I LOVE that doorknob!!

  13. Allaire State Park......damn auto correct!!


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