Friday, November 13, 2015

Plucky Abbey

Abbey, the tiny girl we adopted from the county shelter in April, has been a wonderful addition to our family.

You may remember when I was still blogging in May that Abbey seemed to have some health issues. The vet would not spay her because she was anemic and her white cell count was also low.

I don’t know how many times they took her blood from May through July. They tested it there in their office and sent it to an outside lab for testing. She kept showing up anemic. The vet believed that she probably had cancer or perhaps a genetic problem.

All the while, Abbey was racing around the house, jumping, playing. Bright eyed.

I was convinced, as was Larry, as was the vet, that something was probably seriously wrong with her. But all the tests the vet ran came back negative for problems. So the vet referred us to the small animal hospital at the veterinary school at Virginia Tech for a bone marrow aspirate. We would get a definite answer from that, she said.

We took her there on July 21. The vet/professor and students that examined her were puzzled.

“That’s a healthy cat,” the vet/professor said.

Before doing the bone marrow test, they said they wanted to test her blood first. I was sure they would find the anemia. I had no reason to believe they wouldn’t.

They took her back for the procedures, and Larry and I wandered into Blacksburg to tool around and eat. It was going to be a long day.

As we were finishing up our lunch, my cell phone rang. The vet school said Abbey was ready to be picked up. That she was fine.

When we got back to the hospital, they told us that Abbey’s red cell count was well within normal limits. She was not anemic. Her white cell count was low, but the vet/professor said he was not worried about that in a cat so young.

Larry and I were practically speechless. We expected to hear many things that day, but not that our Abbey was healthy.

We asked how she could have shown up anemic over and over. They said that they took her blood directly from her into the lab. They hypothesized that the sedation she was sometimes under at the local vet’s may have skewed the results. Or not enough blood was taken and the results were skewed by the substance that preventing clotting in the tube. So even the outside lab showed skewed results.

It took us a while to process that Abbey was OK. We were overjoyed. Abbey had her spay in August and has gained weight. She’s still an active little girl.

And yes, we have questioned the wisdom of staying with the same local vet. The anemia issue plus some other things with her and Chase Bird have led us to the decision that we’re probably going to be finding another vet.

Right now, Abbey is going through a hard time because of Chase Bird. She’s eating and running around, but she’s also lying around more and is quieter, less playful. She also looks for Chase Bird. That breaks my heart.

But Abbey is a plucky little soul. We look forward to many years of her companionship.

See you Monday!


  1. Abby is so cute glad she is healthy. Hug B

  2. good news, happy ending, she is adorable!! i am so glad she is healthy tina!!!!

  3. Switching vets is not an easy decision but we have had to do so before as well. I'm so glad she is healthy! She is a beautiful cat too.

  4. Medicine isn't always exact or even close sometimes. I'm glad the the result was so positive.

  5. I'm so grateful Abbey is OK -- extra grateful given your recent loss of Chase Bird. To lose both at the same time would be more heartbreak than I think one could stand. She reminds me of Gypsy -- when Stimpy died, Gypsy grieved and grieved hard. He overgroomed and licked his stomach bare and became far more needy and huggy than before (that part was fine with me). Keep an eye on her. And yes, I think you are ready for a new vet. Sometimes things just tell you it's time.

  6. Oh I'm so very happy that Abbey is okay and is healthy. I had forgotten that you had her when I commented about your finding another cat. Of course it would be nice for her to have a playmate again. She's a cutie.

  7. Wonderful! I'm so glad she's all right.


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