Friday, August 30, 2013

Random 5 Friday: Exercise and TV

Fence along Route 24 in either Bedford County or Roanoke County, June 22, 2013.

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m once again joining in with Nancy of A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday, where “you can share 5 random facts about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!”

I want to give a grateful shout-out to my friend Lisa of Two Bears Farm. Lisa had some extra orthopedic inserts and graciously gave me pair, along with a special insert for plantar fasciitis. I received the package Wednesday, along with a kind and encouraging note from Lisa.
These will help me tremendously.
Lisa is a wonderful person and I’m so glad I found her great blog, where she writes about life in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Thank you, Lisa!

I had a physical therapy session on Thursday for the tendonitis in my elbow/arm. No, I’m not really falling apart. I’m just suffering the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.
Anyway, I learned some exercises to do to help the tendons in my arm and the muscles in my shoulders.
I’ve been walking at the Y on the track twice this week so far for a total of 64 minutes of walking. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the most I’ve walked this year. A combination of a fractured foot and inertia kept me from doing much, so my body isn’t yet used to moving so much. It lets me know, too. I’ve had ice on my heel and my knee today.

After I got home from the Y Thursday (I was off work), Larry asked me to go to lunch with him and his mother to a restaurant in Gretna, a town in the next county. It’s a restaurant that serves heavy, buttery, greasy, fried food on a buffet.
I didn’t need that kind of food. But Larry wanted me to go, and sometimes we do what others want us to do, right? And we had a nice time and a nice visit with his mother.

On the way to Gretna, we passed the business that belongs to a friend of Larry’s and noticed a film crew outside it.
There’s a show on the Discovery channel called Tickle that’s being filmed in Gretna and the surrounding area in Pittsylvania County. It’s fiction but done like a reality show. Larry’s friend plays “Grandpa Bill” in the show.
I don’t like the show. It’s just plain silly. And I wonder if people watching it think everyone in the South acts that way. But I have watched a little to see Bill and to look for recognizable spots in it.

One difference between Larry and me is our taste in TV shows. Oh, we share some favorites. For example, we just finished watching another season of Longmire on A&E—we love that show! And we enjoy some other shows, mostly crime dramas.
But Larry loves science fiction. I don’t. He watches movies on the SyFy channel that I can only shake my head at. We both end up laughing at some of the computer-generated mess and the dialogue in some of the movies.
Thursday night, as I sat writing this post in the room next to the den, I heard this line from one of Larry’s movies: “We have to get past the dinosaurs.” I couldn’t help but laugh and tease Larry about it: “Larry, we have to get past the dinosaurs!”

I hope you all have a great weekend! And to my readers in the U.S., enjoy the Labor Day holiday!


  1. LOL! Sometimes i watch those SYFY movies with my husband. The acting is so, what i call, wooden. But that line.. 'we have to get past the dinosaurs' is hilarious! When i go past them, i'll remember to say, 'excuse me'...

    I've heard of the show Tickle, but haven't watched it. I should probably be more open minded about the TV i watch, but sometimes i just can't stand some of the shows. Hubby likes this show on Nat Geo of all channels called, 'Diggers.' It's about two guys who metal detect and dig for treasures. The idea of the show is fine, but these guys are sort of.. well.. i'll call them silly to be nice.

    I'm glad you have the inserts, Tina! I'm sure they'll help a lot. I love Lisa's blog too. It's fantastic! Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post.. I do hope you start too feel better. Its so hard to exercise when you hurt.


  3. Tina, I wasn't a sci-fi fan when I married my husband 31 yrs ago but it has grown on me. I have Plantar Fasciitis too. Extremely painful and I'm glad Lisa sent you some inserts. I hope they help. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. my boyfriend loves sci-fi as well and he has gotten me to like it much more than I used to. With those types of restaurants sometimes it helps to keep in mind that you are there for the company and not the food. Order a little something and eat before you go. If some one says something about you not ordering a lot just say you came for the company. I hope your PT issues and PF are cleared up soon. That's no fun.

  5. Getting past those dinosaurs can be difficult! Enjoyed your post. Isn't our blogging family amazing?! So generous and caring. I don't *do* realty shows -- real or imagined. Life is the only realty I need! Getting older is an adventure -- especially with our joints. Hang in there!

  6. Oh that Lisa is an amazing person, I am so happy for you they will help.
    My Mom is a big Sci-fi fan she has the Space channel on all the time and loves Star Trek. I love watching her happy so I lie with her and we watch together. I am not a big fan but it is nice to enjoy different things with the ones we love.
    Have a great weekend Tina.hug B

  7. How wonderfully kind of Lisa!! We really do make some good friends through blogging don't we? And yes walking does make one feel better. I try to walk daily and it clears my mind and makes me feel better.

  8. I am so proud of you for joining the Y. I know what you mean about the consequences of prior decisions...I am dealing with that as well..
    I am working on my walking as well but with my knee acting up it may have to wait....

    Blogging buddies are wonderful, aren't they...So glad Lisa was able to send you the inserts.

    I really enjoyed these "newsy five" read.....

  9. Television viewing choices can be a bone of contention between us. I usually just let him watch what he wants and I go play on my computer. Hope your foot heals soon!

  10. oh i've probably passed that spot before! ha, we watch moonshiners and tickle just to see recognizable stuff too. i was supposed to go to a mud bog with a friend last weekend and tickle was going to be there, that would have been fun!
    good job on getting healthy!

  11. That was so nice of Lisa. I hope they help!

  12. hahaha-- the sci-fi channel! I'm with you!

    Bless that Lisa-- those inserts will help you so much!

    1. Oh... and about that show Tickle... I've never seen it but there seems to be a trend these days where people in the south are a side show in the greater world of reality TV. I watched a few episodes of the reality show on the history channel about the Hatfields and McCoys and it just made me cringe.

  13. Once in a while we can treat ourselves to something rich when it comes to food. Keep walking. It becomes a habit after a while.

  14. lisa is so sweet. :) and good for you for getting your walking routine started up!

  15. I hope we all get past the dinosaur thinking in our lives - and propell ourselves in to our probable - or possible future.

    Thank you for taking care of yourself.

    Hurray for Lisa!!!! Complete Excellence!

    It is a funny thing - that we are all created to be so different - then we get to find ways to share and enjoy each other . . . Sounds to me like you have mastered this skill . . . Happy Friday!

  16. Thanks for the shout out! I hope they help you.

    Ha, no sci fi for me either!

  17. Dan and I have different taste in shows too, but I will crochet or play games on my iPad just to be in the room with him as long as the shows don't have too much shooting going on. If it's too violent, I will go downstairs and watch my own TV. I am joining the party this week. Thought it would be fun.

  18. I find that the more I walk the more I enjoy it. If it is very hot and humid I try and do my walks in a shopping mall!

  19. Compromise, it's what marriage is all about!! Larry sounds a lot like my chuck, we are lucky to love the same t.v. Programs. We don't watch much t.v., though!!

    Lisa is a love, I follow Lisa but I don't visit her every day, I should!!

    Gorgeous picture you shared today, have a wonderful weekend!!

  20. Lol! My husband and I disagree on tv sometimes as well. We both want to start watching Longmire though! Everyone says it is soo good!

    He likes to watch the SyFy channel as well - I am not into aliens like he is. :)

  21. enjoy ur weekend. glad u have a blog friend. ( :
    friends r few & far between 4 me. i have the hubby & my family ...blessed there 4 sure.

  22. Larry and I should get together now and then. I love nutty sci fi, but my better half does not. He likes shows about cars and I do not. Otherwise, we are fairly compatible TV wise. I feel for you with the tennis elbow. I developed it a few years ago when I stupidly fell down the stairs and hurt one of my fingers. Compensating for that led to tennis elbow. Who knew that could happen? I am mighty happy to say that it is gone. Heck, my elbows are about the only thing that don't hurt these days. lol.

  23. Lisa is truly one in a million -- what a sweetie.
    And I think your walking for an hour is great -- keep it up. My exercise time has become crucial to my mental well-being these days.

    Larry and my husband could watch the SciFi Channel together I imagine -- UFOs, conspiracy theories and hunting/fishing shows... I generally am like you and listen from the other room and yell out comments every now and then. :)

  24. It sounds like you are making your way through working out - I'm so glad! You will soon realize that your body will be following along!

  25. So funny to read this because my husband loves that show . We were just traveling through the place Longmire is filmed, beautiful country. At the hotel the next morning, we walked out and a huge Elk was standing so near our car that we just froze as to not scare him. He looked at us and seemed to freeze too. Krystallynn


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