Friday, August 16, 2013

Random 5: Healing bones, the weather and a look at the moon

Happy Friday, everyone! Once again, I’m linking up with Nancy of A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday, where, as Nancy says, “you can share 5 random facts about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!”

I go back to my orthopedic doctor today to see how my fractured foot is healing. I broke it in February, so it has been a long journey. In June, my doctor said he expected it to be 95 percent healed by today. I hope it’s 100 percent healed.

Part of the road in the park where we ride our bikes.

One question for my doctor is whether or not I can ride my bike. I have missed it. Larry and I enjoy riding in the park by the river.
He is going to get his bike adjusted so that he’s not leaning over so much. Doing that causes his leg to go numb because of a narrowing of a canal in his lower back. He was going to give up riding, but he enjoys it so much, he decided to try the adjustment.

Thursday would have been a great day to go bike riding. I had to leave the house early in the morning for an assignment for the paper. The temperatures were in the 50s. Unbelievable in August, but so nice. Practically sweater weather.
This summer has been cooler and wetter than any summer I remember for a while. Look at the following two photos.
The first was taken in our backyard on June 30, 2012. The grass was brown and dry. The leaves on the ground are signs of the derecho that had recently blown through.
The second photo was taken in the backyard on July 14, 2013. The grass is so much greener and softer.

June 30, 2012

July 14, 2013

Do you ever sense that you need an attitude adjustment? I’ve been holding on to a lot of irritation and resentment lately, and it has such a negative effect on how I feel. I’m finding that there are some situations that I just can’t talk about with others or I’ll get upset. But my mind keeps mulling over things.
I’m managing to get some relief by focusing on the moment—when I think about doing it.
Anyway, how do you adjust your attitude as needed?

August 15, 2013

Larry and I went out to eat Thursday evening at about 7:30. I looked up and saw the moon already appearing in the sky, though the sun hadn’t set yet.

Now that’s something lovely to ponder instead of negative things, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. Hi Tina, firstly, I pray that you will be healed 100% and that all goes well. As far as an attitude adjustment goes, for myself, I try to look at things from a different isn't easy but it does help.
    I, too, have been enjoying the cooler temperatures in Montreal! What a relief and a blessing. I cannot handle extreme heat so I am really enjoying these comfortable days. Great post, as always.

  2. Good luck with the Dr's appt. My fingers are crossed for you. When my attitude needs changing or addressing,I actively change or try to change my internal dialogue, come at those same feelings from a different perspective, I'm amazed at how doing this an dissolve those feelings, lightens or change my attitude completely..this can take seconds or hours or even days-in the end I'm happier that I've made the effort. Good for Larry, biking is such a great activity. And your grass does look much happier...hope you are riding your bike this weekend.

  3. Best if luck with your appointment. My husband and I enjoy cycling, but haven't done it as much this year as we normally do. A good fit is VERY important - I hope the adjustment works well for your husband. I often need and attitude adjustment - I guess realizing it is the first step.

  4. Tina -- I do hope you and Larry can get back on those bikes soon! I imagine that is wonderful therapy for you.

    And the weather has been very cool and damp lately -- not summer-like at all.

    As far as negative thoughts creeping in or taking over -- I find staying busy is the best way to combat them. Especially if it's something I like doing.

  5. Hi Tina, sure hope the doc appointment goes well and you are back on your bike. Looks like such a lovely place for a bike ride. I'm sure you miss it and I bet, once you are back riding, it will help with the attitude adjustment! I know when I'm unable to do something I love to do, I need a good adjustment (and a good drink)!!!!! Seeing the moon ... priceless.

  6. oh, i hope you can get back to bike riding. i love that hobby. so fun. makes me feel like a kid again. i would spend hours on there with friends. going around the neighborhood. too great! ( :

  7. I hope you get good news from your orthopedic doctor and that you get to go bike riding soon. ANd yes isn't it something when you moon and sun are in the sky at the same time?

  8. *the not "you" lol I need to proofread better :)

  9. THe weather the past couple of days has been DIVINE. Hope you get good news at the doctor.

    On the attitude - I'm reading a marvelous book right now for that. It's called The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone. It's dog based, and I know that you prefer cats like me, but I think you'd appreciate the lessons in it as much as I have!

  10. that's exactly what i have to do to pull myself out of a negative attitude - focus on something around me, find beauty, peace, laugh at the silly dogs, whatever. if i can laugh, everything seems so much better!

    good luck with the foot!

  11. I hope your foot is all healed up!

    I have loved this summer-- I wish all summers were like this.

    I love your Friday Five posts :-)

  12. Here's hoping that foot is 100% healed! It's beautiful weather for riding bikes, that's for sure. An unusual summer but I have enjoyed it immensely! No complaints in that dept :)

  13. I always have to admire the moon. Looking up is a good thing.

  14. I've enjoyed the cooler weather this summer also.....hope your foot has healed 100% and you can get back to biking!

  15. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that your foot is better!

    Love the photos. You really do live in a lovely area.

    I love the way Larry has come up with an alternative so that he can continue to ride his bike. That's such a healthy attitude! When I taught yoga, some people just decided they couldn't do it, while others with more severe mobility issues came to class faithfully, happy to explore modified versions of the poses.

    Good luck with the attitude adjustment. I could use one of those myself! I woke up pretty grumpy today. :)

  16. Attitude change? Now I think I need one of those. I get pretty irritable from time to time.
    I try to cycle 1000 km per summer. I've only missed it once. i don't think I'll make it this year. Too much lousy weather.

  17. Attitude? I think I am a pretty positive person and generally happy but when something or someone is annoying to me and I can't let go... when I get up first thing in the morning I say outloud 'You - or It (depending on whether it is a person or a thing)are not going to spoil my day. And everything that little thing starts nagging at me again I say to myself the same thing... a dozen times a day if necessary.

  18. I am hoping that your foot is 100% and you can get back on that bike and think wonderful positive thoughts!!

  19. I do try not to let things get me down, but sometimes it's difficult. Somehow I managed to be born with the personality that tends to think positively instead of negatively. I am truly grateful for that. I think it has a lot to do also with letting go of things I know I have no control over and truly believing that random things happen in this universe. No, not everything happens for a reason. We just have to live with that. Fingers crossed for a 100 percent better foot!

  20. Oh, Lovely Moon . . Just the reminder I needed.
    Your yard - a year apart - looks like two completely different places . . nifty!

    I'm with ya on "attitude adjustment.' I've had opportunity to re-arrange my life - and I'm still getting used to it . . i figure it's all in the attitude. It's nice to know we are all in this together.

    Hope your foot report is happy making!

  21. oohhh tina, i love your bike path, it's so pretty!! i enjoy riding as well and have not been on my bike in weeks, because of the heat!! but now it is cooler here and i hope to be out riding again soon.

    i hope you did well at the doctors, 100% would be amazing!!

    thank you for your kindness today, you are such a dear, sweet soul!!

  22. I wrote down a lot of negativity on my blog 5 years ago. No one was reading it at that time besides my family. It actually helped me to vent and it seemed that once I wrote it down, I got rid of all the hostility that had built up. Once the negativity was gone out of my system, I merely deleted the post. It was like putting all those bad feelings in a package and shipping them off never to return again. It worked for me. I wouldn't put them on this blog, but you could blog on a private blog, then delete when feeling better.

    I also try to focus on good and look for my blessings around me, but I understand that sometimes, with things going wrong to people you love or even to yourself, that can be hard to do. Spending time alone with nature seems to help calm the soul. Hope you find peace.

  23. The moon picture is so cool Tina. I hope you two get to ride bikes because I love it so much myself and it's so good for us, right? That's one way to get rid of the negative thoughts. Also, I journal a lot about my feelings and that helps.

  24. Your grass is really greener this year! I do love the moon showing up before the sun sets. You captured it perfectly. And I hope you get to ride your bike soon! My husband has had surgeries and has been ailing this whole year. He still can't walk very well, and no riding a bike at this point. So I know how it is. Hope you get good news at the doctor!

  25. Your grass is really greener this year! I do love the moon showing up before the sun sets. You captured it perfectly. And I hope you get to ride your bike soon! My husband has had surgeries and has been ailing this whole year. He still can't walk very well, and no riding a bike at this point. So I know how it is. Hope you get good news at the doctor!

  26. Your poor foot! I hope the news from the Dr is positive. I once broke my arm int he summer time. That's the worst time in the year to have broken something, isn't it?

  27. Oh I sure hope your foot is FINALLY fully healed. What a long process it has been. : (

    It's funny because we have had a ton of rain here this summer in New England too. But, June and July were unbelievably hot. Ugh. Thankfully, August has been cooler so far.

  28. Hi Tina, I hope you doctor visit went well. I find the same with resentments, there are times when certain subjects come up which bring up negative feelings, that I thought were no longer there.


  29. Hey!!!! I hope you have on "tenny-runners" and are zooming everywhere you want to go on your totally healed foot . . .


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