Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A cat’s eye view

What does a cat see when he looks out the window?
Chase Bird looks out the large den windows, especially in the morning right after he has his morning meal of soft food.
We leave the blinds partly open so he has a view.

He looks right.

He looks left.

He looks straight ahead.

What does he see?

No squirrels on the rail fence today.
I hope I see a bird.
Where did that stick come from?
Are those leaves our leaves?
Will Mama leave in her blue car again?

Just my thoughts, I guess, not Chase Bird’s. 
But I like seeing what he sees.

Have you tried a different point of view lately?

Note: I took the photos of Chase Bird looking out the window and the actual cat's view photo on different days. 


  1. Cute post! ...Uh-oh, my guinea pig's view might not be so pleasant (a messy room). At least I usually remember to turn the blinds so that the room lights up in the day time while I'm at work. :)

  2. hmm..sometimes i do wonder what these dogs or cats think!!

  3. I have actually, there are a few things in my head that need rearranging or a 'change of view' so I've set to work...with the camera it is an easier thing to do :-). Chase Bird is beautiful, what fascinates me is their intensity when our cats are watching something, often unseen by my eye.

  4. My question to you is what does your cat hear? Okay, that's my point of view. Feeds are not picking up my blog for some mysterious reason. I'm still posting.

  5. Chase Bird certainly has a good spot there. Nice view. :) I always wonder what thoughts are going through my dogs' head.

  6. I love Chase Bird, Tina! Fancy and I had animals on our mind today. I love this post!

  7. Great pictures! Soothing to watch Chase Bird enjoying the view.:)

  8. I often wonder what Lizzie is thinking, too! Does Chase Bird chatter? She does, just a little, like a whisper (contrary to her usual nagging sound!). What a fun post! I love it!

  9. they look like nice big windows!! he's a smart guy, everyone knows a window seat is best ;)

  10. I love this post Tina. It makes me smile Big. :) I always wonder when i see one of our cats looking out.. what he/she sees. Sometimes it's obvious, and i see a squirrel or a bird. Sometimes i see nothing, and then i feel like a dummy because cats are so observant and notice everything. There MUST be something out there that i'm missing! lol.

  11. You know, I've often wondered what the world would look like from our pug's point of view. I can't get down that low though. We should strap one of those movie cameras on her for a few minutes while she's wandering around the house. Wait! On second thought, I'm sure all I would see is dust. So scratch that. Cats always look at things so intensely. Chase Bird is thinking all the time, I'm sure.

  12. It is cute seeing the kitty's perspective. It is kind of a low vantage point, LOL! Fun post, have a happy weekend!

  13. It's good to look at the world from a different perspective now and then! I enjoyed this post!

  14. Your post made me chuckle. Sometimes I wish I were a cat. I could live the simple, comfy life and see things from their simple perspective. Chase Bird is a gorgeous cat.

  15. Aha good I see ChaseBird is an inside cat -- I am glad I scrolled back. He really is pretty and I think you did a good job interpreting his thoughts! I enjoyed scrolling through your posts on this my first visit -- nice to get to know you!!


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