Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I want more energy

I didn’t realize what I was craving until I said it out loud.
I was doing a phone interview with a mental health expert about making New Year’s resolutions: whether or not to make them, tips for making helpful resolutions, and other such information.
We had veered off course a bit, talking about resolutions we had made in the past and what we might want for 2014.
“I want to have more energy,” I said.
It was one of those unplanned statements you make that you realize right away is so true.

Yes, I want more energy.

I’ll need energy for the things I want to do, for the adventures, for service to others.

Right now, I’m sitting at my home laptop after a long day at work.
We laid out the paper a day early because of the upcoming holiday, and we had an earlier than usual deadline.
On days like this, I come home feeling so tired. My bones and muscles ache. I pour down the caffeine, but I can’t seem to catch a second wind.
I have too many evenings like that and too many mornings when I’m already tired before I get started.
I get my work done. But how can I do it while feeling better, more energetic?
Better nutrition and exercise come to mind. So do following more of a routine and taking short breaks during the day.
It’s going to be an exploration for me in 2014, and I expect beyond, to find ways to feel more energetic, to feel less tired. I’m sure multiple things go into making me tired, and it will take multiple things to give me more energy.

I think all creatures have their rhythms of energy.

Sometimes Chase Bird wants to play.
He has his toy!
Sometimes Chase Bird is so sleepy.

I need to find ways to channel my energy more effectively.

How do you keep up your energy?

I’ll be back tomorrow, but in case I miss you then, I want to wish you a peaceful and joyful 2014. Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! Energy is something that is always in short supply for me too!

  2. Happy New Year!! ( :
    energy - don't sit down. that is usually my deal. if i had something i wish to do or get done around my life & days ... never sit down. eat standing. the moment you get comfortable you will get sleepy or tired. i drink a lot of water. not sure if that works but i enjoy how it makes me feel healthy & alive. keep your food light & not heavy. simple stuff.

  3. Good question. I'm not sure how I keep it -- I just go and push through it. But it sure doesn't mean I don't crash! Read a very good book called "The Last Best Cure" by Donna Jackson Nakazawa. She had a boatload of stuff going on and really changed her life and health. I'm going to work on exercising more which they say helps. Personally, I think it makes you more tired, but I'm game to try!

  4. eating 'lighter' foods like fruit and nuts. walking/running for an hour almost every day. definitely. yes, drinking water, too.

  5. Happy New Year to you. I hope you have an energetic 2014. The energy thing as you point out is very complicated. When you find the answer let me know. I hope you find something to make you tick in 2014.

  6. I think we could learn a lot from our pets..Chase Bird is too cute with the toy-
    when I worked 12 hours shifts fatigue crept up if I did not watch what I ate, and when I let too many days of walking, running biking or aerobics slide by..retired now I still need to pay attention to my eating habits and when I don't walk hard (without Ebéne) I notice my energy level decline. heh Happy New Year's Eve and wishes for an amazing 2014.

  7. Exercise and a reasonable diet...that works for me! Happy New Year! Chase Bird is beautiful.

  8. the computer zaps my energy. everytime....if i stay busy, i have energy....sometimes i feel too tired/lazy to do my workout but then i force myself to and i always feel so much better, and voila, i have more energy!! love the photos of chase bird....and i wish you a very happy and energetic new year!!

  9. Exercise just makes me more tired! But I do it everyday. Good luck with that and all those resolutions.

  10. Extra Energy is something I am always looking for. I have come to the conclusion that aging has not helped!! But a better exercise and a better diet will surely assist you on your journey to adventureland!!

  11. I struggle with low energy, too, but I find eating more locally grown food is helpful. If you find other tips, I hope you'll share them. Hoping you have a very happy, healthy and energetic 2014!!!!!

  12. Oh I feel the same way lately. The holidays really wore me down, plus I have a head cold, plus it's winter. Exercise helps. And I take vitamins formulated for energy (they have added b vitamins and things like ginseng and bee pollen).

  13. Okay - we'll claim more energy for ourselves . . I'm In!!!
    Best Year Ever To YOU!!!

  14. We all need more energy, dear Tina, especially during those cold, dark days! Happy 2014 to you. I love these photos of Chase Bird! What a darling cat.

  15. the hubs says i have too much energy, i would like to have more!!

    i don't want to go to bed at night because i don't want the day to end!!

    happy 2014 tina, i can't wait to read about your adventures!!

  16. Chase is the sweetest.

  17. It sounds like you already know what to do with nutrition and exercise! I would add making sure that you're breathing deeply throughout the day (maybe check in during those short breaks). Also, anxiety and depression can really deplete our energy, so stress management is essential. The more we can stay in the moment, the more we keep our energy calm and focused.

    Finally, let's not make rest a bad thing. Make sure you schedule downtime for yourself. There's a difference between being hyper and having abundant, calm energy, and the latter will keep you healthy, while the former will not.

  18. Tina, my goal has been simply to feel better. I've been eating much better and seeing a nutritionist, and it really seems to be working. I'm off for this month a lot of things that were my mainstays but not especially good for me. Happy and healthy 2014.

  19. I try to drink a lot of water and i've cut way back on serving sizes when i eat, (except for Christmas day and a couple days before.. i way overdid.). :). Walking longer distances and more often also helps, but in wintertime it's harder for me to find motivation. Working on it though.

    PS.. i refollowed your blog because it wasn't showing up on my dashboard. I've been having some trouble with Blogger, but i hope it's corrected. Happy New Year to you and Larry and Chase Bird! These pics of kitty are just adorable!

  20. I have been feeling more energetic since I started taking 4000 IU of Vitamin D. I live in the Pacific Northwest and the sun is scarce in the fall and winter.


  21. Oh Tina I make no resolutions and I think cats truly have life all figured out to bad they cannot talk. I have been finding soaking in a bath filled with Epson salts helps my bones so much, not sure if it gives me energy because after I just want to sleep but have lots of energy in the morning:) Worth a try. My chiropractor suggested it. Enjoy and Happy New Year. HUG B

  22. The first picture of your cat looks like God started making one cat then changed his mind halfway through! His front and back are so different. Definitely wins the cool cat award.

  23. I rarely have any energy. But if I find some I will send it your way. Wishing you all the bestin 2014!

  24. Tina, I find taking a mutli-vitamin every day, eating healthy, and getting outside for a walk helps me keep up my energy level. I'm not as disciplined with #3 as I should be. That's something I'm going to work on in 2014. I hope you have success in increasing your energy. It's so important so we can do the things we love. Blessings, Nancy


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