Monday, December 2, 2013

Visiting Mountain Lake

Can you stand one more post about out trip to Mountain Lake? I hope so because today I’m sharing more photos from our Thanksgiving visit.
As I’ve mentioned before, Larry and I spent our honeymoon 10 years ago at Mountain Lake. We stayed in one of the cabins high above the main lodge.
Mountain Lake is a lake that sometimes nearly disappears. When we visited in 2003, the lake looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

You can read about this phenomenon of the lake waxing and waning here.
The Lodge is where we ate our Thanksgiving dinner. 

In the main lobby, there was a fire going in the fireplace. But there were so many people around, it was hard to get in a position to get a good photo of it.

I liked the simple décor in the lobby.

We walked around outside, exploring and taking photos before dinner.
Here’s Larry. He said his face was too numb from the cold to smile. He’s kindly carrying my camera bag.

Here I am in front of the gazebo.

This is the gazebo. You can see it in the photo above from 2003. I liked the way the ceiling was put together.

Here’s the boat dock. As you can see from the second photo of the dock, there’s no water for it right now.

There are benches around the grounds to sit and enjoy the view. That particular day, it would have been rather cold. It was 22 degrees Fahrenheit when we arrived a little before 11 a.m.

I loved this snowy path.

There was some ice around, though. We slow-walked across it. At one point, we were making our way down a hill with ice. About halfway down, I told Larry I was scared. Ever the calm one, he said, “I know, but you have to keep going.” And I did.

Ice on the driveway. At least this wasn't on a hill.

Anyone up for a game of chess or checkers?

There are areas around Mountain Lake that would be fun to hike. And I noticed a sign that said we were just five miles from the Appalachian Trail.

If you’re ever in Giles County, Virginia, I urge you to visit Mountain Lake. There might not be water in the lake, but there is beauty all around and a cozy Lodge to relax in.


  1. Of course I can stand another post about your trip to Mountain Lake, Tina! It is obviously a place you love very much and enjoy the time you spend there. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour! That gazebo is awesome, and the fireplace and simple decor of the lobby/interior are very warm and inviting. I also love that snow path and would have enjoyed a walk there!

  2. That's quite a difference! I'll click on the link and see why. Enjoyable post. :)

  3. It is a gorgeous place-enjoyed seeing the photos it is a cheap way of being there ;-), lovely photos of the two of you. I will now go read about this interesting lake.

  4. Oh Tina first off it is so nice to see such lovely photos of you and Larry. Second oh this place looks fantastic, I would love to visit and see the phenomenon of the lake waxing and waning, that would be fascinating. Oh I am used to the cold now and I can see why that ice would make you nervous good thing Larry had just the perfect support. Hug B

  5. I can see why you want to post so many photos of it-- it's beautiful and I know you had a most wonderful time! Happy December!

  6. awwww, poor lake!! i will have to "teach" you how to "push" gently through a crowd. how to get everyone to fall in love with you and then offer to take a picture of both of you ;)

    it's not hard!!!

    i LOVED every, single, image!!!

    1. i forgot to say that i like your purple hat!! ;)

  7. a little brisk weather for the day. love that gazebo!! reminded me a bit of our house, but we don't have the beams quite like that. :) the lake wane and wax is neat. gonna go read that now.

  8. What a GREAT vacation!! This is my kind of getaway, except walking downhill on ice, YIKES. Love the paw prints on your hat. You look so cute. I clicked on the link for the lake and it's been around for a really long time - 1750s. Wow. Very interesting.

  9. Beautiful! Would LOVE to visit!

  10. Oh my goodness, I've got to take Pierce there to see that huge chessboard!

    We used to go there with my grandparents and stay in one of the cabins. I have many fond memories of hiking around the lake with them.

  11. Sounds like a cool place and the weather was cool too. It was a good visit as it would bring back many great memories.

  12. i love seeing it with snow ... fun shots. ( :
    have a good week.

  13. i really loved your photo and post! so happy you had a great thanksgiving there, that meal looks delicious! and the best part, no clean up!!

  14. What a beautiful, breathtaking place! :). I love all these photos Tina! Share away!

  15. That looks like a wonderful place! Great pics! Okay, I have to ask. What happens to the fish when the water disappears? Or do they know that this is not a good place to live since their environment will disappear now and then? Inquiring minds and all that...


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