Friday, May 23, 2014

The Barbour Salad Bar

Last weekend, Larry and I went to a nearby greenhouse and bought tomato plants and pepper plants. We chose Better Boy and Roma tomatoes and jalapenos and a red and green pepper variety.
Larry went to another greenhouse Monday and bought Beefsteak tomatoes to add.

Tomato plants, with the cucumbers at the left end. You can see the watering pipes laid out.

Pepper plants.
I love the lettuce section.

Our garden is practically full now. We may plant something else in the open areas.
But about those open areas—Larry is now building boxes to put around those areas to try to keep out the critter that has been eating the radishes. We’re pretty sure it’s a groundhog, though we haven’t actually seen him in the garden, just in the yard.
So far, he or she hasn’t touched the onions or the peppers. I thought I would just pull up the radishes—they didn’t develop because I had them planted too close together. But I’m leaving them for the critter since he or she seems to like them. And maybe they will keep the critter away from the other plants.

One of the valves in the watering system.

Larry is also working on a watering system for the garden. It really wasn’t much of a chore to drag the hose out to the garden to water. But Larry likes to design and build things, so he tried his hand at this. I said, go for it. It’s fun for him to experiment, and it’s fun for me to see him have fun.

The Barbour Salad Bar.

I look at the garden and think: that’s a great salad bar.

In other news, it is finally vacation time. I am taking next week off from my newspaper job. I have some editing work to do, but I’ll be working at home and will still have time for some relaxation.
My birthday is also next week, so Larry bought me some books early. I have some Harlan Coben to try (I’ve never read any of his books), a C.J. Lyons book (another new author for me, and some John Sandford (love his books!) to enjoy. I get so excited about new books to read!
I will be so glad to have some time to catch my breath. And I’m looking forward to getting around to your blogs and catching up!

If you have a garden (vegetables or flowers), how is it going this year? Have you read any good books lately to recommend?


  1. Your garden looks to be coming along nicely. Beef Steak tomatoes are the best. Haven't had much time lately for reading although I'd like to sit down and read just to relax a little.

  2. Your garden is looking amazing Tina! You're going to have some good eatin' this summer :)
    Have a great vacation and happy early birthday!!

  3. WOW Tina I LOVE LOVE your big salad bar it is truly awesome. Larry and you have certainly proven yourselves as masters of the garden.
    Enjoy your time off and a birthday.... yeah will there be cake? I love cake:) Hug B

  4. Very impressive! Mine is just going in. I have mostly herbs and a couple of tomatoes and all go in pots. The ground has some flowers and perennials and they're just getting going. The weather has been too dicey to plant things, so I've been wheeling them in and out of the garage. This weekend and next week it will all get in. Rick has peas and radishes coming up well; the rest not so good. Even lettuce and spinach are dismal!

    Books -- I just rediscovered Laurie Colwin's "More Home Cooking" (her sequel to "Home Cooking") and I loved every word of this collection of food essays and recipes.

  5. great looking garden, er, salad bar! happy vacation and birthday week!

  6. oh this is so impressive tina, i have garden envy ;)

    i have my garden started, it's tiny but sufficient for our needs. i only grow a little as i don't want to cook everyday!!! no reading for this girl, it's shameful i know!!!

  7. You could just pull up a chair to that salad bar! It looks great, Tina. And I always remember your birthday because it's the same day as Dan's!

  8. Hey, Tina! I haven't visited the blog in a while. The garden looks great! You and Larry have done an awesome job.

    Ours is trucking along well so far. I'm getting a lot of lettuce, spinach, and rhubarb. The sweet peas are in bloom, and strawberries are forming. I'm growing beets, squashes, carrots, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, kale, and chard. I put the tomatoes out on the deck this week -- that's my warmest, sunniest spot. Tomatoes are the holy grail here in the Pacific Northwest with our mild summers, but I had a good year last year, so I'm optimistic. I also have fruit trees that are going bonkers...I'm having to thin out a lot of fruit, and I'm wondering why I felt compelled to have not one apple tree, but four!

  9. Wow - you two aren't messing around - that is one fabulous garden! I can only imagine how wonderful your salads will be! Enjoy your time off and Happy Birthday!! I hope you enjoy your new authors!

  10. A few years ago when I had trouble with a rabbit getting in my garden, someone suggested I guy organic blood to sprinkle around the edges. I had never heard of it, but you buy it at gardening places. Anyhow, it smells really bad, but it did work! Happy birthday! Have a great vacation :-)

  11. Hope you have a great birthday, Tina! So, we are alike in yet another way, in that we are both Geminis - mine is two weeks' tomorrow. Is yours also a 'big one' like mine? I love to read about your gardening exploits and your 'critter' - such a lovely, very American word.

  12. Happy birthday, Tina! Thanks for sharing your gardening experiences, great photos.

  13. Your garden has really taken off! Amazing. Enjoy your birthday and the long weekend. :)

  14. You have a super garden! I highly recommend better boy tomatoes. Tomatoes are my all time favorite. I like to pick them off the vine and eat them like an apple without washing!

  15. Nice looking raised garden! I wish I could get stuff to grow here in TX. Too hot, and the watering restrictions do not help.

  16. Ok then, lunch at your house tomorrow after church!

  17. My goodness I think Larry should patent this amazing enclosed garden, and I love to see the plants sprouting upward and upward :-).


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