Monday, May 5, 2014

The second wave

The trees in our neighborhood are leafing out in various shades of green.

I’ve spent the last several days working on what I’m calling the “second wave” of my freelance editing business.
Previously, I did the legal things I needed to do to start the business, created a website, and did some assignments.
But I wasn’t satisfied. And I knew I had to do more marketing.

So I revamped my website and started a blog on the website. I plan to post once a week there.

The first blog post is up now: “Why another set of eyes can be so important to your writing.”

I’ve still got lots to do to get the word out about my services. But I’m enjoying the process. It’s both frightening and fun to be the one who makes the business decisions. I have the satisfaction of knowing that something I once feared so much is now a reality.

We really can overcome fear.

If you’d like to check out my website, you can go HERE and click on "Blog."

I liked how the sun caught the tops of the trees.

I didn’t get outside as much as I would have liked over the weekend, but I did get some photos on a walk Sunday morning. I’ve shared some of those photos in this post.

I don't know the proper name for them, but the oak trees are full of these pollen pods.

Larry blew them off the driveway Friday, but they were back on Sunday.

Our cars are covered with tree pollen. Just a sign of spring.

This week will be very busy at my newspaper job, but I’m hoping to make time every day to get outside and record some of this spring beauty. I already missed getting photos of the red bud—I don’t want to miss anything else.

What have you done lately to overcome a fear—no matter how small it seemed?


  1. The spring trees are looking beautiful lately.. I noticed my car turning "green" too. The pollen is awful! Congrats on your business, I wish you all the best.. Have a happy week!

  2. love it when the trees leaf out in all their glory. our oaks do those stringy blooms, too. i sweep them off the patios for a few weeks each spring. :)

    good luck with the business blog articles!

  3. Another set of eyes is good for illustration as well. But I'll never like tough critiques.

  4. I have a horrible connection right now due to the storm system, but I am going to try to come back later this week because I want to check out your new blog and website. I think what you're doing is very exciting, and I hope it will be a huge success!

  5. I missed photographing our redbuds, too. They just don't last long enough. Best of luck with your new business. The site looks nice and clean!

  6. Our redbuds are perfect right now, I should get some pic's, they are beautiful!!

    What matters most about the weekend, is that you did get outside and you got some beautiful images. Spending time outdoors always makes me joyful but being inside is wonderful as well!!

  7. So exciting about your business, Tina.....I'm heading over to your website right now!

  8. Yes we absolutely CAN overcome fear. Congrats on the business Tina!! I know you'll rock :)
    As far as overcoming fears, I used to have a fear of flying until my recent trip to Germany. And now that plane flight led to me being engaged to the love of my life :) so it's a darn good thing that I overcame that fear.

  9. YOU seem to be demonstrating the New Life of Spring perfectly -
    Your new website is Super - attractive, professional - and - look at you - also making sure your clients can follow you on Facebook . . Social media - the New Frontier - is nothing new to YOU!!!

  10. Really lovely photos, Tina! I am so happy for you on the business, congratulations! Fear, indeed, can be overcome!

  11. Much success on the next step of your new venture.

  12. Spring is definitely there :-) and seeing your web site up is as exciting as seeing your lovely garden growing, wonderful...

  13. hope the new website works for you! love the photos of the green against the blue sky!

  14. Good luck with your editing business! I have read a lot of published books and thought, "Boy, this could have used a good editor!" If books can slip by the editing process, what chance is there for the rest of us?? Well, that's a bit dramatic. But I think you are absolutely right that another set of eyes is a really good thing. I used to edit the newsletter for our church and I was amazed how difficult that task could be some months. I'm sure that my way to overcome fear is mostly to ignore the thing I fear. A poor solution at best.

  15. Love all those spring pictures! And congratulations on opening up your own business. That is awesome. You should be very proud of yourself for overcoming your fear, that is amazing! The website is great! :)

  16. How fabulous Tina! Good luck on your ventures.
    Fear, wow....just recently I had been full of fear, what's been helping me is turning it over to my higher power and trusting that all will turn out well. That nothing is going to happen that isnt suppose to. Im putting in the foot work with faith.

  17. Good for you returning to your freelance business. And yes, fear is neverending -- but perhaps valuable. Those photos are nothing to be afraid of, though! They're lovely!

  18. Your website looks great! I like how you explained your services in detail. Good luck!

    As for the garden- I love it. It's a good size for beginning- You'll have real fun picking all the things later! I haven't vegetable gardened since the year I got pregnant with Katrina. I got sick that Sept. ( really bad nausea) and dh was going to school so the garden I worked at all summer never got picked. The pumpkins did get picked and then rotted on the picnic table because I was too ill to mash and freeze them. Then OCD hit and I had no desire to stick my hands in the dirt! I'm hoping to get back to it soon! Look up books/ articles on companion planting for next year. Some plants do better if there is another plant close by. For example tomatoes like marigolds because something in the marigolds keeps a pest nematodes?? away. And besides the marigolds bring colour to the veggies! But that's not for your first year. Starting small is the best way. Just have fun with it.

    I loved the pictures of your trees. Spring is coming very slowly up here. Everything is a month behind.

  19. So glad you took the leap of faith to start your business. I have my husband check every post before I publish it. I wouldn't feel comfortable if he didn't check it first for me. I hope it takes off really well for you, Tina. Good job!

  20. Congratulations on getting one step further in your business! That is awesome and I'm sure, a bit scary. But isn't it thrilling too? I find that sometimes, the scariest things are the ones with the biggest rewards.

  21. Beautiful trees on these photos.
    Have a nice day.


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