Thursday, November 20, 2014

A good day

A good day is not the one where the exciting things happen.

A good day for me is a quiet one, with some work, some reading. My husband is doing his own good things, but we come together for a meal and a walk, and always, talk.

That is the start of a guest post that I wrote for Shirley Hershey Showalter, writer and memoirist and blogger friend. I have learned so much from Shirley as she considers how to make a good life. I treasure her quiet wisdom.
Shirley is exploring what makes “a good day.” Everyone probably has a different idea of what a good day is. She invited me to share my version of a good day.

Shirley is the author of Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World. It is a lovely memoir about growing up in a Mennonite community in Pennsylvania and learning to connect the way she grew up with the “big life” she wanted to live. I put this book on my Christmas list last year, and it is now a treasured addition to my bookshelves.

I invite you to read the guest post HERE and consider what makes up a good day for you. And read more about Shirley and check out her book. You will not be disappointed!

What ingredients are part of a good day for you?


  1. That sounds like my kind of good day too, although mine might also involve a run. I have read some Mennonite books, but not that one. It sounds interesting. I just read Opening Skinner's Box, which the librarian where I teach classes checked out for me and said I HAD to read. It sat on my nightstand for a while, but I finally got around to it, and he was right - I loved it! It's about psychological experiments. It sounded kind of dry to me, but it wasn't at all. I had heard of all the experiments in the book before (except for one) but the author has such a fresh take on them all, and did such interesting research of her own, that it was very fun to read. I'd recommend it to anyone who has even a marginal interest in psychology - it made me fall in love with the subject for the millionth time :-)

  2. oohhhhh a good day, I have to think about that!! there are so many things I love to do but my happiest days are at home, taking pictures, cleaning, KNITTING. I am really happy when I create something that will be here, long after I am gone. I an very happy spending time with my boys and the hubs, most of all!!

    a good day is also when everything the legs and the hands and the pain is tolerable. those are awesome days!!!

  3. A good day for me is one where I have eaten well and truly listened to my needs for that day. Sometimes I need to be active, as I was yesterday, spending the entire morning working in the garden. Other times, I need to be quiet and focus on reading or needlework. And when I solve a plot problem with my novel, that feels like the best day of all.

  4. I am a hopeless optimist. I couldn't pick out what makes a good day. I do take a medication that brings on depression from time to time and I don't like that.

  5. Your post is such a great reminder to me that good days don't necessarily have to include something big and exciting ... I sometimes have the bad habit of getting too engrossed in planning "the next big adventure" and neglect to appreciate the smaller things. Thank you for your lovely insightful blog ... I'm really enjoying it. Now, I'm off to have a good day!

  6. Sounds interesting.........will go check it out, Tina! To me, if my family and friends are well and healthy, it's a good day!

  7. A good day is a day when I am grateful for all that I have and not striving for what I don't have.

  8. My favorite day involves a walk on the beach. All other days are 2nd rate!


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