Thursday, November 13, 2014

Looking out the window

One morning in late October, Chase Bird and I shared some time looking out the window that overlooks the driveway and side yard.
Chase Bird is Chief of Lookout Activities in the Barbour home.
We saw squirrels and birds going about their morning activities.
Here’s Chase Bird in position.

We thought the squirrels were showing off a little bit just for him.

I was surprised to see a robin this late in the year.

We liked this little brown bird, but I couldn’t tell Chase Bird what kind it was. Anyone know?

Despite his name, Chase Bird doesn’t chase birds. He’s an indoors only kitty. And I keep telling him, “Birds are our friends.”
He nods and smiles a little. And goes back to look out the window.

What have you seen out your window lately?


  1. the mystery bird is a Carolina wren, they are beautiful little birds. they are very distinctive because of the angle of their tail. I get them here. and know what I've been seeing out my window, you have to look at it every day ;)

    awesome images, I might add!!!!!

  2. Great pics! :-)

    Over here we have snow and freezing everything. Apparently we were the coldest spot in North America this morning.

  3. what a chuckle! Chase Bird and you :-)

  4. yup, carolina wren. :) love those little loud-mouths! and sweet little chasebird! love your big tree that the squirrel is climbing on!

  5. I love watching squirrels. One of my favorite photos is of a squirrel with a cherry tomato from my garden in its paws.

    If I look out the window too much at my house, I don't get any work done (I have to face away from the windows when I'm writing). We look out over water, and on clear days can see the Cascades...even Mt. Rainier more than 100 miles away.

  6. Lovely Fall pictures! We see a lovely little pond full of geese (usually – I think they all flew away a few days ago) out our window.

  7. lots of Canada geese flying south. It's turned bitterly cold here so the small ponds have frozen over.

  8. Chase Bird looks very intent there at that window. Those naughty little squirrels love to tease cats. Our cats love looking out the window at the crows every morning.

  9. Don't you find it mesmerizing to watch the outdoor world with your cat? Lizzie and I do that often -- squirrel and birds -- we name them all -- Bushy, Louie Bluie, Bobby Cardinal, Chickie the Dee... And I always leave relaxed and filled with peace after. (Not so peaceful, I think, if she went out!)

  10. A wren! I love wrens. I love all of these shots. Chase Bird was probably thinking "DINNER!!"

    Have a wonderful weekend, Tina :)

  11. Oh I love your squirrel and bird pictures! So excellent.

  12. I am glad Chase Bird doesn't actually chase birds. Did you know cats are now considered and "invasive species" because of all the birds they kill? Norbert loves to kill birds and that is the reason he is no longer allowed outside.

  13. I've got a winter wonderland view right outside my window . . . beautiful . . .


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