Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation week and Random 5

I’ve had a wonderful week off from work. I admit I’m dreading going back to work on Monday, but I’m not going to let that keep me from enjoying my last three days.
I’m linking up with Nancy’s A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday. She hosts such a fun meme. Check out the others who participate and don’t hesitate to join in!

On Thursday, Larry and I spent several hours in Lynchburg, running various errands. Some we had to do. Some we wanted to do. It was the third trip we made into the city this week.
Lynchburg is not that far from Altavista—about 20 miles. The trips take longer depending which part of the city you’re going to. I used to work in Lynchburg and made the trip to and from my office—about 52 miles round trip—each day. I’m just not interested in doing that anymore. I’m glad I work in Altavista.

One stop we made was at a home center where we bought supplies to begin building our raised bed garden. I admit that I didn’t recognize some of the parts Larry bought to put together the frame and fencing. He’s the carpenter in the family.

Supplies for the frame of the raised bed garden.

A lot of deer visit our backyard. They’ve become comfortable enough with the motion lights that the sudden light doesn’t make them run anymore.
I wonder what they’ll think of the new garden. Will they think we’re putting in a salad bar for them?
It will be salad bar if we don’t put a fence around the bed!
The other night I finally managed to get a photo of one of the deer. I looked out the window and saw her lying in the grass. I carefully opened the back door and went out on the enclosed porch, then opened the screen door. I took a couple of shots before she got up and ran.
It’s not a good photo. I wasn't steady or close enough for a good shot. But I’m glad I finally have a picture of one of our favorite visitors.

Another stop we made was the bookstore, where I found a book on gardening in Virginia. I have a decent gardening book from years ago, but I wanted something more up-to-date. I like the new book’s reference section and advice on when and how to plant.
I also bought a book by Margaret Roach called The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening, and Life. It will inspire me, I’m sure.

On another trip to Lynchburg, I got my annual mammogram.
I say annual because I’m supposed to get one every year. My mother is a breast cancer survivor, and that’s the advice I’ve been given.
I haven’t been faithful in doing that, though. I thought it had been three or four years since I had one. I discovered I haven’t had a mammogram since 2008.
I will do better from now on. And please, ladies, follow the advice of your doctor and get mammograms as prescribed. There—that’s my health education message—and my heartfelt advice—for you this week.


  1. Oh I love the deer shot, I know they are little rascals in our gardens but that is what fencing is for right-having said that there are the flowers etc still gorgeous. I am due for the Mammogram, my Mom and an aunt had BC but I'm on a every two year routine unless I find something suspicious-they are over in minutes hurt like heck and so essential still I baulk-

  2. very pretty deer and oh yes it appears that you'd best fence in your garden ! :0 )

  3. Lovely little doe in your yard Tina -- my mom gets numerous visitors throughout the year.

    Good luck with the garden construction!

  4. Oh Tina I think your vacation went way to fast:)
    Oh I love that you have deer visiting and unfortunately eating you garden they are so beautiful though. Some people spend a lot of time on bird feeders well just a thought:)
    I go for a mammogram on Tuesday before getting back to haying (my Mom had Ovarian cancer) and yes it is extremely important for everyone. I have witnessed more of my friends every year go through the results of not catching this one early. Hug B

  5. Sounds like you put your vacation to good use! Yes, your beautiful visitor and her friends will enjoy your veggie garden -- probably more than you! ;) I love bookstores -- they are dangerous! :D :D Good medical advice. Thanks! Happy 5 Day!

  6. quick vacations - no fair. ) :
    have a cool weekend. the humidity is no fun.

  7. absolutely get your mammograms!!! !!!!!

    i love your deer - just relaxing like she owns your yard. :)

  8. Looks like the deer have settled in- you might have some trouble with your new garden! Yes- yearly on those mammos..YES, YES, YES!!

  9. Beautiful Deer!!! Oh how i miss the mountains - where i used to see them all the time. Yeppers, you'll need a fence around your new garden - salad bar is right!

    Happy Friday to YOU - Awesome Adventurer!!!!

  10. I refuse all the tests the doctor wants me to have, telling me my insurance pays for them. I tell her I am healthy and the minute I have any complaints, she'll be the first to know. I do let her to a blood test. It always comes back normal, so that tells me there's nothing wrong. I have seen enough charts to know that if there's something awry, more than likely, the blood will tell.

    Love the deer.

  11. Despite a great deal of deer fencing, a couple of fawns got into our yard the other day *sigh*. It's pretty funny as long as they don't eat my husband's lilies! (Which they did last year) In the spring I bought a few plants from the nursery that were specifically labeled "deer resistant." Well, as it turns out, deer don't read, and those were the first plants they went after!

    I really liked Margaret Roach's A Way to Garden. I couldn't get into Backyard Parables really, but I think it was more about me than her.

    Glad to hear you're getting back on schedule with the mammograms, especially since you have family history.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  12. I did not know you had deer in your yard, they are going to LOVE your garden!! All kidding aside, I think that's going to be a problem!!

    I go annually for my mammo also, my grandmother died of breast cancer!!

    Have a happy weekend!!

  13. So happy you had a nice vacation, even if it did include a mammogram. I have one every year, too and just had mine yesterday for this year. Being a cancer survivor (colon) I pay close attention to my well-being!

  14. I have not had a mammogram yet. My dr said it is optional at my age 38 so I am waiting since there is no family history.

  15. Oh, I wish we had a yard where deer could come and relax.

  16. Deer are a problem for gardeners and flower growers around here, too. I don't have a garden right now and live in an apartment so no problem for me, but one year I did have a garden, and they ate my pepper plant(s).

    I'm not a mammogram age yet, but I've heard the radiation exposure is bad.

  17. Vacations always go way to fast!

    I think that's a great shot of the deer! What a sweet face!

  18. I can't wait to see the garden you all create - I'm quite jealous, as I've always wanted one of my own! I hope the deer that visit (who are adorable), don't find it as a good meal!

    Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  19. Looks like the deer is just waiting for your garden! Glad you had a great week off.

  20. How cool to have deer in your yard! I would love to see that! Although I guess I would be a little irritated with them if they ate my garden. :)

  21. Aww...nice deer photo!

  22. Awwww...sweet deer! You are so fortunate to get them in your backyard!!!

  23. well, I gotta admit I have never seen a deer laying in a backyard next to a birdbath...congrats on capturing. glad you had a nice week off...and that you got your mammogram. after having 2 scares, I don't miss a year.

  24. The deer looks so sweet and calm! We would never be able to see that in my neighborhood! Sounds like you love where you live!

  25. Oh I think it would be wonderful to have deer stop by for a visit on the front lawn. Not going to happen here in town though. - Goodness I can't remember when I had my last mammogram. I know I should get one but I tend to put off seeing doctors as much as possible.

  26. Ha ha ha "salad bar!" I love that! Just the other day I saw a deer running around in someone's front yard and it was in the city! We don't see that too often.

    Love your pic with the sun shining through the trees.

  27. Hi Tina. So lovely to learn a little bit more about you. :) I love to garden too, but here in England we only have bunnies and hedgehogs to contend with in the garden. The deer rarely get into the fence and in Vancouver we have raccoon and skunks in the city. My friend Diane gardens in Virginia and had to construct a fairly large fence to keep the deer out. You can find her at Kew have a huge edible plant awareness going on right now with some spectacular raised beds. I took some photos and put them up on July 13th. OMG these are my dream raised beds! I have Master Gardener status with the Vancouver botanical gardens and collect very old gardening books but my absolutely favourite one which has never let me down for advice, (except for the pesticides...we don't do that anymore), is The Complete Book of Garden Magic by R. E. Biles. If you can get a hold of a copy it's worth its weight in gold. :)

  28. That deer sure is watching you closely! She's been listening to you talk about the salad bar that's soon coming! :) I'm glad you got your Mom and sister are both breast cancer survivors, and I go yearly for both a mammo and an MRI, and have had some scares. It's so important!!

  29. Love the deer!

    I'm so glad that you had a nice week off from work.

  30. They might be thinking.. salad bar all the way! Tomatoes are our favorites! Lol. But seriously, fencing is a must to avoid middle of the night deer raids!

    I need to be more conscientious about getting my mammograms too! When i had one back in March it had been four years. A definite no no for women our age. I must do better!

    Wonderful random 5 Tina! Enjoy your weekend!

  31. I'm glad you are having a nice vacation. Have fun with your garden.


  32. First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog! I wish I knew you when I lived in VA but moved back to CT. Your deer looks like one that frequents our yard daily! Glad you went for your mamo...keep up the good work...I have to go yearly sister is a survivor!...:)JP

  33. Sounds like a lovely, peaceful vacation!


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