Monday, March 10, 2014

After the break

I took this photo of Chase Bird with my cell phone in February. I didn't take many photos during my break except those for the newspaper.

Hello, dear readers. I hope you are doing well. I’ve missed you during my two-week break!

I enjoyed the freedom from the routine of writing a post three times a week. I use that word “freedom” carefully. I love blogging and I love the interaction with readers, but I found that I needed a break from the routine, even though I love that routine.

I’ve done a lot of thinking and soul searching during my break. I’ve wondered about the future of my blog and my work.

I started my blog in November 2011 with the purpose of educating others about OCD and offering encouragement to those with OCD. At first, I mostly wrote quite specifically about OCD or the accompanying depression and anxiety that I experience.

Gradually, I started to write more about my daily life. I think the change happened logically and organically. By that I mean that it happened naturally.

I have wondered if I am of any help to those who have OCD, depression and anxiety. I have wondered if I am giving a false impression about what my blog is about. I’ve wondered if I should somehow re-label my blog, even change the title. I’ve wondered if I should keep blogging.

But I am still a woman with OCD. I still fight depression and anxiety. Though I’m in a good place, mental illness still affects me, my daily choices, my health, my outlook.

I love the connections of blogging. I love writing something that someone in another part of the world can respond to. I love learning about how others think on different topics. I love connecting with people I never would have if not for blogging.

I still believe in connection. I still believe that all of life is interconnected. I still want to help others feel less alone.

So I’m going to keep on blogging. I may decide to make some changes, and I still have a lot to consider. If any of you have any suggestions for me, I’d appreciate the input.

Meanwhile, here are a few other things I did during my blog break:
*Took Chase Bird to the vet to get his rabies shot. That’s a whole other story.
*Finally got my books sorted and put up on the bookcases we have now. Suggested to Larry that he needed to build some bookcases for the books that are still in boxes.
*Got our taxes done.
*Received an “adventurous” newspaper story assignment. Again, a whole other story.
*Got more snow, but I didn’t have time to play in it.
*Read three more John Sandford books and did various other reading.


  1. I'm glad you had a good break! I would suggest keeping the name of your blog. It's how your readers know you, and you have enough back content that even if you decide not to blog about ocd much, it will still fit the blog. For search purposes, people will still pull up old posts that relate to ocd, and the name of the blog is fitting.

  2. glad you had a nice 'step-back' period. but nice to have you back. :)

  3. Oh I agree with Lisa Tina your blog makes me smile and I also think many benefit from reading your blog and can see that there are ups and downs with OCD Depression and Anxiety and it is nice to see we can all enjoy the those good times and should not ignore them to focus on the bad or challenging times. It does not have to define our lives and that is OK. I cannot wait to see your stories. Welcome back keep blogging be happy. HUG HUG B

  4. I went through a bit of a re-branding of my blog a while ago too! Please don't stop blogging. You might change your header a little bit to indicate that you'll be blogging about a variety of topics though!

  5. I think what's special about your blog, Tina, is that you do have OCD, anxiety and depression, but that doesn't mean they have to be the focus of your life. Sometimes they are, but usually they're not. I think sharing your day to day life with others is a positive thing in so many ways. To name a give hope to others (newly diagnosed perhaps, or those who are struggling) by showing them that they can also have a meaningful, productive life (as you do) with these illnesses. Also, for those who have misconceptions about people suffering from brain disorders, seeing that you are just a "regular, every day person" (I mean that in a good way :)) might help dispel some stigma.

  6. I think we should all do one thing, every day that makes us happy. Whatever it is!! Sounds like you got a lot done during your break!! Nice to have you back!

  7. It's great to have you back, Tina! And I love Chase Bird's photo! As far as blogging goes, it needs to be something that you enjoy and look forward to doing. If it is, then keep on doing it! I do enjoy your posts very much.

  8. I agree with OCD talk. When first diagnosed, the illness is in the front, looming large and takes up a lot of room. Then, after the work of erp for ocd or thot reframing etc. for depression etc. the illness moves to a more background place, leaving room for new adventures, fun etc. It would have been nice to see this when I started blogging. In fact that's WHY I started blogging. All the forums about ocd that I found focused on how ruined my life was. I was looking for a better result than that! If I found it, I wanted others to know it could be overcome. I like that you're doing other things- it's fun to read about them.

  9. I for one, am happy you are going to continue blogging. Writing is a good therapy. I'm not OCD but am influenced by it. I have learned more from your blog than many other sources.let the blog take you where it wants. Good luck.

  10. nice to see you back, you were busy!

  11. Glad you're back, but I think a break is a necessary part of blogging. I took a blogcation over the week from Christmas to New Year's and came back with more energy. Glad that we met in BlogLand.

  12. First of all, glad you were on break while I was on holiday so I didn't miss much if anything! And I'm glad you have decided to continue blogging -- I love visiting and am always glad to see your posts. I know lots of people who have kept their url but just changed the name of their blog -- makes sense to me if that's what you want to do -- and if not, don't worry about it!

    Chase Bird is so handsome!

  13. I am glad to see you back! I hope you enjoyed your break, reading can be relaxing.. I hope you continue to blog, it is a nice way to keep in touch with people. Like me, a lot of these people care about you! Enjoy your week ahead.

  14. wow, glad you are back. i was wondering about ya? i think you can do anything really? change your name of your blog. but i totally get what you mean. i have find it hard to get a balance ... i love sharing my travels but also i want to talk about daily life ... so i started more videos ... i hope it will allow me to get my fill of what i am hoping for. i am not always traveling ... i have to share things from the past sometimes & i enjoy sharing my passions ... kayaking or flowers ... whatever it maybe ... why not change it up ... i think you real friends or follows will continue to follow you no matter what you talk or write about. it's all good. take care. do you think we will get snow on Thursday?? i wonder?? so loved the 70's this day!! it was great. ( :


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