Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring is here, and it’s time for Random 5 Friday

Happy spring! Though we’re still looking for some wintry weather next week, it’s officially spring, and I’m looking forward to seeing new life and colors.
And Happy Friday! I’m joining Nancy of A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday. To read other bloggers’ randoms, be sure to check out Nancy’s blog.

My media pass into the Siegel Center for the big event.

The Altavista High School boys basketball team won the Group 1A state championship!
I made the trip to Richmond last Saturday to cover the state final game between Altavista and Radford. My co-staff writer took photographs.
As I said in last week’s Random post, I’ve never covered a basketball game or written about basketball.
I had a great time at the game, and it was exciting for Altavista to win. If you’d like to read the game story I wrote, you can find it HERE.

The media room in the Siegel Center where interviews were held after the game.

Downtown Richmond outside the Siegel Center at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Downtown Richmond

Do you keep up with the NCAA college basketball tournament? I usually have a few teams that I pull for. This year, Virginia has done very well. They won the ACC regular season and the ACC tournament and are ranked number one in the East Division. So my first loyalty goes to Virginia. I also like Duke.
I didn’t fill out a bracket, though. I just don’t know enough about all the teams to make intelligent guesses about who is going to win.

Spring is here, and worst of winter is over. I should be full of energy, right? Only I’m not. I am sleeping way too much and have little energy or motivation to do things beyond what I am responsible for doing.
What gives? I don’t know. I’m going to talk with my doc next week during an appointment because I’m tired of this. Pun intended—I can still laugh.

The other day for lunch, I ate some turkey and rice soup at a local café. It was delicious. However, I fished out every carrot that was in it and placed it on my plate. I didn’t eat them.
I don’t like cooked carrots, and I decided I was old enough to admit that and to stop making myself eat them.
What good-for-you-food do you just not like?

And a strange random fact: Both Chase Bird and me need new brushes. Chase Bird needs a new soft brush, and I need a new vent brush to use when I dry my hair. It broke off in my hand recently. I can still use the brush part, but it’s a little hard to hold in my hand.
Chase Bird and I just can’t look our best without good grooming tools. J


  1. Hi Tina, I had to smile at you taking all the carrots out of the soup. :) I never like porridge, oatmeal or cream of wheat, I have always found it disgusting. LOL! As far as fruits and veggies go, I have to say that fortunately I love most of them. Love your photos.

  2. Hi Tina. I wish I had an interest in sports. I admire you for challenging yourself to write about the basketball. I'm sure happy to have spring arrive too! Today, even though it was in the mid forties I wore a skirt and sandles.

  3. I have 2 teams in the tournament this year (well, 1 now) Manhattan lost the first round, but for a tiny school, the victory is just making it there. U Massachusetts is playing today, and I'm hopeful. I'm lacking energy these days, too - although I'm making an effort to get more exercise. #5 made me laugh - it's okay to be a bit shaggy until you get new brushes :-)

  4. Hey you "Eat your carrots" I could not resist sorry:)
    Good job on the story. I love to watch basketball but not on TV.
    New brushes yeah for both of you:)
    Have a nice relaxing weekend Tina. Hug B

  5. I like cooked carrots in soups. I don't care for them raw much. Glad you had a good trip. I hope with warmer days (like today!) you'll start feeling more energy.

  6. Winter has no plans to let go quickly or easily, so I plan to enjoy today and Saturday before winter makes another visit next week! Have a great weekend!

  7. Spring is slowly on it's way here, I'm not a carrot fan either!

  8. laughed at the carrots and the brushes. i liked your 'i sick and tired of being sick and tired', too. :)

  9. You made me giggle at removing the carrots. I have a friend that does the same thing. Maybe your are just tired of the long winter and will perk up with spring returning!!

  10. oh that's exciting about the basketball game! our high school made it to the playoffs but lost a couple of weeks ago. in face i'm wearing the basketball shirt right now! love your photos. we've only been to richmond once and it was for just a brief few hours but want to go much to see! i hope the dr can figure out what's causing you to be so tired...hugs!

  11. Raisins! Just can't stand them. Good for you, accepting you don't like cooked carrots.

    My cousin works the control panel at a local news station and she posted a selfie where she looks rather cranky after having to watch 6 hours of March Madness. My husband is a sports freak and I'm so sick of it I try everything I can to avoid watching.

  12. I have always picked cooked carrots out of everything. I only recently realized that I don't really dislike them. Same thing with cerelry, I always pick it out!!

    Sounds like some exciting stuff for you, I don't follow basketball!!

  13. Cooked carrots! I hate them and refuse to partake. Raw carrots are yummy but cooked are nasty. I also scoop them out when they are in a stew or soup. You are the first person I have known that admits to it. When I tell people they treat it like a sacrilege.

  14. A good random list! I'm always watching Michigan State -- the home team. And I get into a few others, sometimes! Happy brushing!

  15. My husband watches the games and keeps the volume low and I read. I will get caught up on some books this way.

  16. Congratulations to the Altavista High School boys basketball team! I love March Madness. Basketball is a way of life here in Kentucky :)

  17. How about Duke getting beat by Mercer?! What an upset! Well, my Alma Mater University of Cincinnati lost to Harvard, so there goes one of my two teams. Syracuse is the other I root for because my son got his Masters there. We don't really expect much from them this year though. Once they are out of it, I am done with basketball for the year. I won't eat fish. Nobody can convince me to do it no matter what. People are always saying how good it is taste-wise and health-wise, but I'm not convinced. It just gives me the willies.

  18. You can send me all of those discarded carrots... I love 'em! Not a big fan of kale though. I tried it and hated it.

  19. The better question would be what good for me food do I actually like ha ha!


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