Friday, July 18, 2014

Life goes on

No matter how bad things can be, life around us does go on, and eventually we have to get back into the swing of things and remember our dreams and goals and the seemingly little things that make life good.
I’ve been busy with work at the newspaper. I’ve pushed myself to do things that are self-care measures for me, things like reading, meditating, and listening to music.
I picked up some crochet work to keep my hands—and my mind—busy. Sometimes I like to sit with Larry and watch a good TV show or movie. But it’s hard for me to just watch the screen. I get restless. So working with my hands helps.
I like using the crocheted knitted dishcloths, so I started one of those.

I like to crochet. But I’ve always wanted to knit. I knew how to cast on stitches and do the knit stitch, but nothing else. I read instructions, but I couldn’t make sense of how to do the purl stitch.
A couple of wonderful bloggers that I keep up with have started knitting and have written about their adventures. Buttons of Buttons Thoughts learned to knit and has created some beautiful scarves and hats. Her cows like to model those hats!
And Debbie of It’s All About Purple recently learned to knit and made a stunning scarf. I know she’s going to continue making lovely things.
These two women inspired me to try knitting again, and they encouraged me to get help from online videos.
So I did that. I watched a video on how to purl (over and over) and (finally) was able to call out to Larry in the next room: “I can purl!”
Here’s a sample of knitting and purling. It’s not perfect, but I had fun.

I still don’t know how to cast off work or how to fix mistakes, but I will learn. Meanwhile, I have a new hobby to enjoy and to keep my hands busy.

What’s the newest skill you’ve learned? And when you watch TV, do you have to do something with your hands, too?


  1. Your crochet dish cloth is pretty. I wish I could knit or crochet but I have had surgery on both of my my hand just ache.. Have a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

  2. those two knitting ladies are a good inspiration for you. :)

  3. You're doing great! I cannot do that. My mom is really talented though.

    Hmmm. newest skill? I'm drawing a blank! I should go learn something.

  4. All right! Don't you just love knitting videos? They are so helpful for any stitch you need to learn. I knit while watching TV as well, as I too need something to do with my hands, and if I don't, I just play too many computer games. :)

    My latest thing is learning how to do genealogy. I am going to Scotland in the fall and am doing advance research on my family. I am seriously hooked!

  5. now how am i suppose to answer that....hehehe, you've already told everyone!! how cool to know that i have inspired you. casting off can be a lilttle tricky. youtube is a WONDERFUL way to learn a new skill or to reinforce what you already know!! i just picked up new yarn yesterday and i am making a cowl (sp), the scarf is completely done!!!

    hat class on monday!! you my friend, are doing AWESOME!!!!

  6. I've always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet. Blogging is a great place to get inspiration and help; Debbie and Buttons are so generous and helpful. Good for you!

    I'm with you on sitting still in front of the TV...difficult! I'm usually playing a mindless game on my ipad like Jigsaw Puzzle or 7 Little Words.

  7. You're doing great, Tina! I've always blamed not being able to knit on the fact that I'm a lefty and always had rightys teaching me. Lame excuse, I know. Maybe I'll check out some of those videos!

  8. I can NEVER just watch tv! I always have my computer up too, or grading or knitting. I love that you learned to purl watching videos, because that's exactly what I do each time I want to learn something new (or remember something I already "learned"). Glad you are enjoying it! I expect to see some cat-sized garments eventually . . . :)

  9. I don't know how to do any of these things! Good for you!

  10. Yes, life certainly does go on no matter what.

    I've always admired people that can crochet. I never had the patience to learn it.

    Most of the time I can sit and watch TV without the need to be doing anything else.

  11. i have been told that you shouldn't do so many things together or at once. but i enjoy doing more than one thing. like when you do watch tv ... fold clothes, work on my computer, read a book during commercial or when the hubby watches his shows or whatever. i like doing many things. i guess their thoughts on it is that you are not concentrating on one thing ... doing it to your best of your ability. i guess that makes sense but?? have a good day. ( :

  12. Your knitting looks great!
    That used to be one of my favorite things - to let the television share - while i kept my hands busy with needle work . . i am making friends with my hands again - i wonder if I'll be able to knit and purl once again, too . . . Hey!! Good JOB!!!!

  13. It's great that you can knit and crochet. I never picked it up. As far as watching TV goes, I like to do crossword puzzles, but usually do them during the commercials. As far as knitting and crocheting go, I enjoy watching people do it and enjoy seeing their creations, but I just don't have the knack for it. I would love to do some sewing, but would need a sewing machine and someone to show me how. I think I would enjoy sewing more, as I would love to make things like pillows and perhaps even some clothes! :)

  14. Oh Tina I am sorry I missed this post I have been baling hay so much I miss a lot of things these days. I knew you could figure that purling thing out online you did that quicker than I. I like your progress I found knitting gets me through the tough stuff because I need to concentrate on it and takes my mind off my worries. Yeah Tina yeah Debbie we are all real knitters now. Now you need to get circular needles and make hats☺ Hugs and thank you. B


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