Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gratitude post

Today I am thankful for many things. Here are a few of them:

*The good report my husband received from his doctor.

*Cool mornings, cool nights, cool breezes during the day.

*The quilt that keeps me warm during the cool nights.

*Nature on the fence.

*The sound of my kitty Sam’s deep breaths as she sleeps in her little bed beside me.

*The feeling of Chase Bird’s purrs as I hold him and place my cheek against his fur.

*Getting lost in a good mystery book.

*Time spent with cousins I haven’t seen in years.

*The fact that there are always new things to learn.

*My camera.

*The shape of leaves against the sky.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Oh I love the photo of your hubby and congrats on his results!!!! perfect things to be grateful for, now I think I'll make a list too :-).

  2. Oh Tina all wonderful things to be thankful for I am so happy for you. Beautiful shots. Hug B

  3. What a great list - and it looks like the raised bed is really coming along. I love snuggling under quilts on cool nights, too. :)

  4. I am very glad to hear the good news about your husband. Things like that always put things in perspective don't they? And I am most definitely thankful for cooler nights and I can't wait til they get even cooler. Today, I am thankful for a job I love and a roof over my head :)

  5. Hi Tina

    I am thankful that the memory tests my mum underwent at hospital yesterday have revealed she doesn't have dementia, but a lesser form of memory problem.

    Helen x

  6. Great gratitude! I am thankful that someone is coming to look at our little fishing boat. If he buys it I will have the money to fix my car.

  7. I love your gratitude list Tina. It's always wonderful to get a good report from the doctor.

  8. Rich! To experience these things is pleasant and satisfying. To understand that you appreciate them is icing on the cake. I wish more people would stop and appreciate some of the things you like.

  9. Yes! I'm so happy that Larry got the good report from his MD! Excellent news Tina. :). I love this post. It reminds me to think of things i'm grateful for and to say thank you.

    I'm grateful for the sunny, but cooler weather we're having today. And for the delicious Persian lunch i'm enjoying by myself. It gives me time to ponder. And for the fact that i'm going to the library this pm. One of my favorite places.. and too many mire things to mention!

    Have a wonderful day, Tina!

  10. I am grateful that I am not working today and able to stay home and nurse my cold.

  11. Good health is so important and I'm glad your hubby received good news Tina.

    Today, I'm glad my canning is over. Now I just have to clean up the aftermath. :)

  12. Sometimes I forget to be grateful for the little things along with the bigger ones. I'm glad Larry got a good report- that is fantastic news!

  13. Power. Tomorrow it is scheduled to be out!

  14. Ooooo, love the new look on your blog! Sorry I've been missing. I'm just pretty wiped out a lot of the time and I'm just trying to tread water at this point.

    I am however, grateful for so many things in my life. For my Savior, my family, medical treatment (that hopefully kicks in soon!). I'm grateful for Autumn's changing leaves and crisp cool air. And I'm grateful for you!

  15. LIFE and the health i am experencing right now!!

    you have a wonderful list!!

    ps....i am pretty grateful for my new ring ;)


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