Friday, September 20, 2013

Ready for the dirt, and other randoms

Hello! It’s Friday, and I’m participating in a meme I enjoy so much, Random 5 Friday, hosted by Nancy at A Rural Journal.
It has been a strange and seemingly endless week. I was busy but feeling a bit under the weather. So if I didn’t visit your blog as usual or if I commented way after the post was published, I apologize.
And now for the randoms for the week!

Larry has nearly finished the raised bed garden. It’s ready for the dirt and, in due time, seeds and plants.
The bed is mostly fenced in to keep out the wildlife critters that visit our yard. The two ends will be open, so I’m sure the animals will get a little bit of something.
The enclosed bed is 4 feet by 12 feet. To make access easier, Larry put in two gates on both sides.
When I went to get my camera to take the photos of the finished project Thursday evening, I couldn’t find it. So these photos are taken with my iPhone.

It worried me that I couldn’t find my camera. I take it to work each day and bring it back home every night. I thought I had brought it home Wednesday night (I was off on Thursday). But it wasn’t in my car or on the table in the living room.
I thought I must have left it at the office, but I couldn’t be sure. And I didn’t want to wonder all night about it until Friday morning.
So Larry went with me to the office Thursday evening to retrieve my camera.
It was in the office, thank goodness. And while we were out, we saw the almost-full moon and I got some pictures.

This week has seemed so long. The visitation and funeral for my aunt were Monday evening and Tuesday morning, respectively. It was good to see cousins that I hadn’t seen in years, but sad that the only time I see them is when someone dies.
The funeral was in my “home church,” the church I grew up in in the community I grew up in. The memories flowed as I drove down the country roads to the church, and as I walked through the cemetery, where many of my family members, including my father, are buried.

I started taking antibiotics this week for an ear infection. My right ear started hurting Monday, and by Monday night, the hearing was muffled in that ear. I didn’t have time to see the doctor until Wednesday.
I’ve had ear problems off and on since I was a little girl. When I was a child, my mother would warm a towel in the oven (NOT a safe idea, by the way) and lay it on my pillow. I would lie down with my ear on the warm towel, and it felt so good.

I work 32 hours a week, so I usually have Thursdays off. When I reduced my hours earlier this year, I knew I would enjoy the extra time at home. I just didn’t know how much I would enjoy it.
Lately, I’ve been seeing quotes here and there and reading articles with really good advice about time management. I think I’m getting the message that I need to start making better use of my time.
Do you ever feel like you’re seeing or hearing the words you need to at just the right time?


  1. That is one beauty of a garden...well done!!

  2. Those are good pictures of the garden. Love the kitty pics on your header as well.

    So glad you found your camera. I know I would be heartbroken if I lost mine.

    Sorry to hear about your ear infection. I had them many times as a child and I don't miss them.

  3. The garden looks fantastic! Nice job. :-)

    I lose my camera all the time and always get in a panic. It would be helpful if I just put it in the same place every time.

    Hope you ear is feeling better.

  4. Larry has done a fine, fine job, I hope that infection passes quickly. I do find that certain subjects reappear at timely moments and funerals tend to be a universal singular gathering time.

  5. Larry is quite the craftsman -- that is one lovely garden spot Tina. I know you will enjoy it.

    Glad you found your camera... I lost one in the pasture one day and never did locate it.

    My mom used to sit with us and gently stroke our arms and sing to us when we had earaches. The days before antibiotics. :)

  6. i never had issues with my ears until i got older ... guess it is has to do a bit with allergies. not fun at all. ( :

  7. Ear infections are the worst! I had tons of them as a kid (I had tubes twice) but have only had one as an adult. So painful.

    Sorry to hear about your aunt!

    Hope you feel better soon. And that is the fanciest raised bed I have ever seen! Good job Larry!

  8. Yes, I feel that way every morning during my bible study- I always thing God is telling me exactly what I need to hear! Sorry about your aunt...I always have mixed emotions when I attend a funeral. Sad for the loss, and happy to see family members I haven't seen in ages.

  9. Oh Tina that is the most beautiful garden bed I ever did see. I am so impressed with Larry's skill. Can I borrow him?:)
    Sorry about your ear and I am glad you are getting it taken care of. I am also sorry about your Aunt I do know the memories you experienced while in your little church and town were probably good ones. It is a mixed emotion thing funerals evoke just as Terri said.
    Oh I lost my camera once and I truly had a melt down so I understand.
    Hope your feeling better soon. Enjoy those days off. Hug B

  10. My deepest condolences for the loss of your aunt and I hope your ear feels better soon. And wasn't that Harvest Moon amazing??

  11. You share such wonderful photos - iphone, camera - you simply have talent. I'm glad you found your camera safe & sound.

    Your husband . . wow . . You chose well.

    YES!!!! I often think the messages i see are designed for me . . .
    the motto? The words i see are meant for me.

    Happy Happy Weekend!!!!

  12. Ear infections are the worst.. Almost as bad as a toothache. I LOVE that fenced in garden area. It looks amazing..

  13. glad you found the camera - i'd have fretted about it, too. the garden area looks awesome! hope your ear infection clears up soon and you feel better all the way around!

  14. I'm glad you found your camera safe and sound. I know it's like a right arm and having to wait until Friday to see if it was there would have ruined your day off. I know what you mean about seeing family only at funerals since we have always lived away from everyone it really happens with us. Have a great weekend Tina hope you are feeling better very soon.

  15. i am home 24/7, except for our little outings. i could not love it more!! we have "work" we do, we manage income property we own.....30 tennants. it keeps us just as busy as we want to be!!

    so glad you found your camera, i could not live without mine!! xo

  16. I don't recognize the words I need to hear at the time. However, these words come back to me much later and help me out in similar situations.

  17. Hi, what a lovely post! I have just joined your blog, and will be back to visit, hope the ear is feeling better. I used to have ear aches when I was a child and they really hurt! Hugs, Lynn

  18. Wow!
    That is one heck of a bed garden. Can't wait to see what comes out of it!
    Ouch to ear infections. I used to get them all the time as a child and up until I stopped smoking 20 years ago. They are very painful. Hope you feel better soon.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  19. Sorry for your loss Tina. Hope your family, and extended family are OK. Hugs to all.
    Husband's a Brilliant job on the garden bed!

  20. Lovely garden bed! I could use some time management, I just feel as though I never have any!

  21. I know what you mean about only seeing relatives at times like funerals. It's a shame really, but I'm not sure how to remedy that. Your raised garden photos should be published in a magazine. Wow! That's really cool! When I retired, I thought I would have all the time in the world to get things done. Well, it's been a couple of years and I've gotten nothing done. Maybe I should read some articles...when I have the time.

  22. Sorry to hear about your ear problems, Tina...ear pain is one of the worst. I have to say, that garden bed should be in a fancy magazine. It's incredible! Well done.
    Glad you found your camera, I like the shot of the moon.
    Every single day I see messages that I need to see. I sometimes wonder who is seeking who.
    I'm very sorry for your loss.

  23. Your garden bed looks amazing! I've wanted to start a garden for such a long time now - perhaps next summer will be the time!

  24. Love this post - full of good stuff. I often feel that I'm being inundated with a certain message - little coincidences that start to snowball. I think Frederick Buechner said that coincidences are God's way of getting our attention.

    I LOVE your raised bed! Cannot wait to see it as it develops.

  25. Thank you for this thoughtful post. I can understand that your week would feel long if you have an ear infection and dealing with funerals of family members. Goodness! I am glad you "found" your camera! Hope next week is more cheerful for you :)

  26. That raised bed is a work of art. Happy growing. Next season I suppose.

  27. What a beautiful garden structure. When I have my yard completely landscaped next year I'm going to build something like that so I no longer have to fight squirrels and rabbits for the food.

  28. Great pic of the moon! Hope your ear feels better. Ha, I love that - warming a towel in the oven! Sometimes, I'm amazed we made it to adulthood with all the crazy things our parents used to do!


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