Friday, September 6, 2013

Random 5: Cats, books and imagination

It’s Friday again and time for me to join in with Nancy of A Rural Journal and her Random 5 Friday meme.

Usually Larry feeds the kitties first thing in the morning. He and Chase Bird recently started a new morning routine. Before Chase will begin eating, he has to have his tummy rubbed and his back scratched by his Papa. Larry gets down on the floor with him and obliges.
One morning this week, Larry was sleeping soundly, but Chase and Sam let me know that they were hungry. So I fed them. I put food in their bowls and talked to them, but I didn’t do the rub-Chase-Bird’s-tummy routine.

Chase Bird Barbour

Later in the day, Chase presented me with a contract for me to sign. I promised to rub his tummy and scratch his back before breakfast if I was the one feeding him.
Sam thinks it’s all quite silly. She just wants to eat.

Samantha "Sam" Barbour

No, my cat didn’t really present me with a contract. I know you know that part of the story is just my imagination.
But I love making up stories where my cats are the main characters. I can put words in their mouths and imagine their thoughts and actions. Usually I tell them to just Larry.
I wish I could draw. I would write and illustrate a book about the Barbour cats.

This is an exciting time in the book world, at least in my book world. Three of my favorite authors have come out with new books.
On Sunday, I went to the bookstore to pick up Kathy Reichs’ Bones of the Lost. I also wanted to get Lee Child’s new book, Never Go Back, but the clerk said it wouldn’t be released until Tuesday.
So I went back to Lynchburg on Thursday to get that book. Yes, Lee Child is worth a second trip to Lynchburg this week.
Next Tuesday, Sue Grafton’s W is for Wasted is released. So I’ll be going back to the bookstore next week.

While I was at the bookstore on Sunday, the clerk told me that though they had boxes of Lee Child’s book in the back, they couldn’t even open them until Tuesday.
“Oh, can’t you go back and get out just one for me?” I asked.
I was kidding.
Apparently, I wasn’t communicating very well that I was kidding. The clerk very seriously gave me a list of ways the bookstore would get in trouble if she sold any of the books before Tuesday.
I must appear more serious than I am at times. Do you ever find that people don’t realize you’re kidding?

Staunton River Memorial Library in Altavista

I love my library. I love libraries period. But I do have a problem with library books—I can’t seem to return them on time. Over the years, there’s no telling how much I’ve paid in library fines.
Larry says I’ve basically donated a lot of money to the library. It could go to worse things.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! 


  1. Yes, people don't always know when I'm joking, either. I try to make it obvious, but even then...

    You should write a book about your cats anyway! Someone else can illustrate it.

  2. I love hearing about and seeing photos of your cats, Tina! Sometimes people think I am serious when I am kidding as well; I have a tendency to keep a straight/serious face at times when I am kidding, so this must be why. :)

    I agree with Kristina, I think you should write a book about your cats. Who says there has to be any illustrations??? :)

  3. Tina, I just had a thought. Even if you don't write a book about your cats, why not short stories that you could send to Chicken Soup for the Soul for any of their upcoming books?

  4. I am not a serious person nor do I look like one but my joking for all my life has me falling on my head, people have been insulted at my attempts at hilarity, or just look at me like I'm weird, or take me seriously like your Bookstore Clerk did you...I yearn that my funny side could develop into funny delivery! I shall be reading your three picks as well..and I bet you Tina if you wanted to you could draw, cartoon style is good and even better with animal stories, and you already write so there you go! Be that Nike girl and just do it...'easier said than done I know' ;-) but you've all the ingredients to making a wish come true.

  5. I'm waiting on Grafton's W too. This has been a long series, but she is one of my favorite authors!

  6. My cat Ruby is always super affectionate in the mornings - purring so loudly! And yes I often find that people don't know when I'm kidding - I keep a straight face so people never know I'm joking lol.

    I love libraries as well. I used to spend hours at my local library reading!

  7. Your kitties are adorable!!
    I LOVE those authors in #3 :)

    I've been reading on my e-reader and "checking out" books from the library on it - and it automatically "returns" them when they expire :) Gotta LOVE that :) and I'm getting to know some GREAT authors that way too!!

  8. My kids would love a story about the Barbour cats!

    That book store employee was probably just a very literal person.

  9. My cats had me sign my contract in blood. Hee, hee.

  10. I am right there with you on the library fines!

  11. Bookstores get in a LOT of Trouble if they release a book before it's dat . . they pass this information on - in Very Clear Terms - to Booksellers . . they would have known you meant it in a kindhearted way . . BUT, the response is ingrained - (know this from experience.)

    I enjoy your cat stories - i hope you share MORE.

    Happy Friday!!!

  12. loved your kitties. and laughed at your last one. :) just doing your civic duty. :)

  13. I once told someone I was cramming for my cholesterol test, and she thought I was serious! With a thoughtful frown, she said, "I don't think you can do that." So, yeah, people don't know when I'm joking.

    I'll add a vote for the cat book!

  14. i am the exact same as you on number 5. i always say i pay the staff ;) cute about the kitties! have a great weekend!

  15. Your Chase and my Angus could be brothers. The old drop and roll over has been going on here for many years. :

  16. I spend a lot of time at our library - like you I love to read. Your cats are heart warming. I miss mine; he died after 18 years of being my buddy.

  17. Confession, I am not a reader, your kitties are adorable....I am allergic!!

    oooohhhhh my.....I do love reading your blog though and that last image is beautiful!! I have really been enjoying your pictures!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  18. Oh, my -- I think we must be related. I have read every Lee Child book, I love Kathy Reich's books, and I currently have an outstanding library fine of $13.50. I just cannot get those books back on time. Thanks for the reminder that a new Lee Child just came out! Time to use my Amazon gift card!

  19. What an interesting post. Do you know about Mona's "Today" blog? She posts photos of her cats and tells stories. It's very delightful.

    I too have a very nice library at my disposal. They are invaluable. I'm glad you're able to get your books and yes, I've been mistaken before too. People need to lighten up, don't they? :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friend.

  20. Libraries are beautiful wonders! Love love love. And i agree. Lee Child is totally worth a second trip. Jack Reacher is fabulous. Of course in fantasy. He'd make a terrible husband because his wife would never know where he is! :) But if she needed to be rescued... well, you know. I love Grafton's books also. I can't believe she's at W.. :D

  21. I had to smile at your cat prestning you with a contract and at you rkiddign about getting the book early. I think I'm going to participate in this meme next week too.

  22. curious would it b cheaper 2 buy online? like amazon or some where else? but maybe the thought is u enjoy the drive 2 the book store? ( ;

  23. I have a dry sense of humor so I am sure people don't get me some of the time. One of my best childhood memories is my mom taking me to the library during the summers. I could wander through a library all day long. I have a Kindle but I still love a real book to hold.

  24. Oh I am so like you... getting books out of the library and then not getting them back in time. It got so bad I finally got a Kindle so now I am not tardy and read a lot more than I used to.

  25. It's fun to see what your cats are doing. I don't know cats at all - have never had any. Glad you are enjoying your reading! I love it when I go into libraries. I just don't do it very often. I do want to look for CD music at ours though. The library is a good way to get acquainted with new music.


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