Friday, September 13, 2013

Random 5 Friday: Work and time for a few photographs

Happy Friday! I’m joining in with the Random 5 Friday meme, created by and hosted by Nancy at A Rural Journal. You can join in the fun by writing your own random 5 and linking up at Nancy’s blog.
The photos below are of a new installation of public art in Altavista. The downtown revitalization group recently set up the bench that includes a lovely sculpture of a mother and child reading together. It sits outside the library.

On Sunday afternoon, I took my camera and drove and walked around town, taking photos of things I found interesting.
One of the interesting side effects of working for the local paper is that when someone who knows I work for the paper sees me with a camera, they sometimes assume I’m on the job.
As I was taking pictures at the library of things like the bench, an acquaintance walking by asked if I was taking photos for the paper.
No, I said. Just for me.

My favorite color is purple. Blue is a close second, especially sky blue and lavender blue. Yet, most of the time I wear khaki, white and black, with some navy.
I buy and wear what seems the easiest: everything goes with khaki, white and black, and those colors go with each other. Thus, more outfits for the money.
Sometimes it does get boring, though.
What’s your favorite color? Do your clothes reflect that?

One of the reasons I like fall and winter—cooler weather—is because I love to wear turtlenecks. They’re just so comfortable. And they can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.
With turtlenecks, I do wear more color. I have one in just about every color, including purple and different shades of blue.

I feel like I’ve been something of a slug this week. I worked late Monday and Tuesday, and the work was stressful and intense. It just seemed to tire me out more than usual.
I went to bed early Wednesday night and slept late Thursday morning. I was off work Thursday, so I took a nap that afternoon. And I still feel tired. It seems to take me a while to get over a couple of days of intensity.

My stories in this week’s paper reflect the variety of my work: a story on a county meeting on how to deal with water issues; a story on the retirement of the local chamber president; a story on the preliminary hearing in a murder case; and a story on the grand jury returning capital murder indictments in another case.
I like the variety of my job, but it’s sometimes disconcerting to have such a wide range of things to cover and write about.


  1. You sound incredibly busy - I can totally understand the nap! I hope you're able to catch up on sleep and rest throughout the weekend.

    I keep forgetting to join in each Friday! I'll keep my fingers crossed for next week!

  2. i think your job sounds fascinating -- an amazing variety of things to cover -- never dull and boring! love your pics of the wonderful statue -- love the little girl holding her teddy ... i'd sit next to them and read my book any day! :) my favorite color is green and i don't wear it much at all. i love the autumn colors, too and i'm looking forward to cooler weather to get out the turtle necks (even if i have no neck) .... are we related???!!!

  3. What a beautiful statue and the details are amazing. I think it's wonderful when a town adds art to its public places as it gives so much character....Your job does sound most interesting. I hope you get "rested up" this weekend before another week starts....As for colors, my favorites are teal and apple green with a dash of purple but I find myself wearing lots of black with these colors thrown in for accent.....

    I hope you have a great weekend....

  4. The sculpture of the mother and child is amazing. I love that. My favorite color is green, even though I rarely wear it. Is that wierd?

  5. That statue is so sweet -- what an awesome addition to your town that all may enjoy.

    Colors? I more inclined to natural colors and shy away from anything neon right now or really bright. Yellow is not a favorite -- I don't think it looks good with my coloring. I wish I could wear turtlenecks but they make me itchy.

  6. Oh I love that sculpture I would have sat there and admired that for very long time. I am a little strange like that when I see art.
    I wear my jeans most of the time I love that they fit and I can where anything I want with them I am happy fall is here turtlenecks hide my turkey neck:)
    I seem to like colour and pick flashy tops I have no idea why, must be my wild side:)
    Have a nice weekend Tina. hug B

  7. That is a beautiful sculpture and you took great photos of it. My winter wardrobe is mostly all black with bright accessories. It's kind of boring but when you're out walking in the winter slush the splatters don't show as much.

  8. cute sculpture. :) i marvel at your job and all the directions it goes in.

    i like blue, and my shorts and t-shirts reflect a lot of that. back in the working world, i stuck to a lot of black and khaki, too.

  9. That's a lovely statue. We have similar ones in Vancouver and sometimes I see tourists sit beside one, arms around it, while someone takes their photo. There is an old lady statue on a bench at a bus stop in a very tourist oriented park downtown and someone usually puts a bunch of flowers in her hand. :) It's sweet. I guess you would consider my favourite colour black if you looked at my actually, because of my artistic nature, I don't have a favourite at all. I can't chose like that. This is also the reason I probably will never have a tattoo. There just isn't a single one, (or even 10,) definite image I can live with for the rest of my life. Don't worry about feeling sluggish. I was over the top jet-lag slug girl form slug world last week. Just let it happen and you'll come out the other side later. :) Hugs and have a great weekend.

  10. Oh that Statue is just awesome. I would love to sit on that bench and just enjoy a cool breeze and a good book.
    Wow you do have a busy schedule. I know sometimes it's just nice to be able to take those naps.
    Your work sounds fascinating.

  11. hehe...ummmm, my favorit color is purple as well ;) i had a feeling it was yours as well, when you switched up the blog!!

    LOVE the statue!!!

  12. I love lots of color. Pink and yellow are my favorites, but oddly, i don't wear those colors. I'm like you, and stick to the basics because they go with more.

    That is some wonderful art. I love it!

  13. Enjoyable post, Tina! I'd love to dress with more color and style. The problem is I HATE to shop!!!

  14. The first time I saw brass sculpture was in New Orleans, so beautiful. I love to just take off on my own, car, bike and camera, it's fun. I love red, orange and yellow, I wear black and white, occasionally blue or pink blouses, I own a ton of red sweaters and a few colourful scarves though I favour the white and the black squares or the pure white or pure black. I envy your talent to write on anything and everything ;-).

  15. my favs r purple, blue & green. pretty similar. ( :

  16. What a busy week .... and aren't naps wonderful???
    By the way, I love Fall and I love wearing turtlenecks. There's something comforting about them.

  17. I admire anyone who does the kind of work you do. I like reading the local stuff in the paper. It's infinitely interesting to me. I am a big fan of the blue family. My favorite blue is robin's egg. I wear blue jeans all the time and I think they are a neutral. But I agree about the khaki, black and white.

  18. Lovely photos, Tina. I am glad that you are able to catch some extra sleep! We all need this to recharge and rejuvenate. I also love Autumn and winter!

  19. I know what you mean about finding it more difficult to recuperate from a few intense days. Your work sounds interesting - the variety must be exhilarating and tiring at the same time. I love the statue - you got some great shots!

  20. I can relate to being tired after intense days. I love that statue. It's so sweet.

  21. I love the variety of your Random 5! The photos are gorgeous...reminded me of how my parents gave me my love of books. They did not have much formal education - my dad graduated from high school, while my mom finished tenth grade -- but they were big readers, and that had a huge influence on my upbringing.

  22. Beautiful bronze statues of the Mother & Child...we have several of those bronze statues around our town. They add such beauty. I buy and wear turtlenecks because they hide that extra chinage (not a word, but sounds good). I really don't have a favorite color, I just love color and I wear them all (not at the same time ofcourse...giggle) Hope your week is full but not too full!!

  23. The bench is so beautiful! So simple yet so much thought and detail.

  24. Test for ability to comment on your blog.

  25. Okay. So it wants my Google ID, and I am not going to type in the very long comment I tried to leave earlier about the fact that I had tons of cousins on both sides of the family and only two remaining aunts out of a total of three aunts, two uncles, tons of great aunts and uncles and probably 23 cousins and four second cousins... far too many family members to mention them all... but their numbers are waning the older I get.


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